11 Recruitment Methods You Must Know!

As a recruiter, finding only the best candidates for the job should be your priority. Yet, that’s easier said than done. There are so many challenges that we face as IT Recruiters that often hinder us from getting the right person for the job. Knowing where to look is half the job, so, here are 11 recruitment methods that you as a recruiter must know! And don’t miss out on a bonus tip at the end!

Ads on Digital Platforms.

The most well-known means of finding the candidates to hire is through using ads about your job opening on popular Social Media platforms, career websites or job boards. Taking your requirements to a large pool of people who are also interested in finding a job. It’s a great way to bring in a lot of applicants, although it demands that understand how to advertise effectively.

Also, paid promotions could get to be rather expensive.

Create an Archive of Possible Candidates

When we hire people, we have to weed through the many possible candidates until we find the right person. It wasn’t that the others weren’t good candidates. Making a Database of all those who were good, but missed out, can save you precious time in the future. This is a well-known practice in any recruitment company or placement service.

Use your current employees

Your current employees are a great source for getting recommendations. Not only are they able to expand your network considerably, but they will recommend only those who are suitable for the role. The referred candidates may already understand the culture of your organization.

Using your employees is almost as good as having a dedicated agency or job consultancy working for you. It’s quick and cost-effective.

Use your past employees

At times when your past employees have left on a good note, you could always consider them for opportunities that arise again. Understand why they left the first time and see if the current position is better suited for them. Even if they turn down the offer, they are a great source for recommendations. Any placement service often tries to maintain good relationships with candidates for future reference. It could be useful for your company's recruitment needs as well.

Look within

One recruitment method that no recruitment company or agency can completely provide is the ability to rearrange your workforce. This is through transfers from one project to another or through promotions. Not only do you encourage your current employees to grow, but the training required is drastically reduced. Although, this does take a lot of skill. So, you could consider a recruitment company or agency to act as consultants, to help you through this process.

Employment exchanges

Much like a job consultancy or placement service, Employment Exchanges are government initiatives to reduce unemployment. Although, this service isn’t provided in some countries. Employment Exchanges are best if you are looking to hire junior positions or factory workers. They are a cost-effective option for filling certain roles. Although, if you are looking for higher levels of talent acquisition, it may be best for you to consider a job consultancy or agency.

Professional Organisations

Professional Organisations aren’t the same as an HR recruitment company, but rather, they are associations that professionals can register with to help add to their credibility. If there is any such organisation within the area that you are looking for, you can partner with them to get access to highly qualified and vetted candidates.

Internships & Apprenticeships

Internships and apprenticeships at your company allow you to understand the competence of possible candidates. Especially for entry-level jobs, it can help you train and gauge how good they are. It’s the equivalent of having the training, screening and probation processes all in one. You could consider working with a job consultancy or a placement service to help you find candidates for these roles.

Events for Recruitment

As a recruiter, there’s nothing better for you than to meet with candidates and share about your available positions. Campus placements or a stall at a job fair is a great way to meet possible candidates. You could even host a hackathon a designing competition or such events within your field, to connect you with talented candidates.

Word of Mouth

It may be old, but it still works. Letting people know that you are hiring can go a long way as it allows for candidates to approach you. You no longer need to waste your time on cold calling, but you can enjoy a much higher conversion rate. Although, this method works best for the larger companies. If you are a smaller company, it may be best for you to approach a consultant for a placement service. They can assist you in this process.

Recruitment company

A recruitment company or a job consultancy agency is one of the most reliable, fast and cost-effective ways of hiring candidates. Any good agency is bound to have an extensive

network of the best candidates for your job. They are able to advertise for the position and help you acquire the best talent through most of the previously mentioned ways. So, they may be your best option.

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