15 Best Modern Headboard Design Ideas in 2022

Headboards could never go out of fashion owing to the dynamic demands of décor enthusiasts. The concept of headboards was born to provide insulation to our heads from the walls. A headboard if thoughtfully designed can be a centrepiece in the bedroom. A black and white headboard to colourful patterns to artistic carvings, all of which makes a headboard a must have entity in a bedroom. Although a modern Carpet will give more aesthetic look under your bed. You can buy carpet from and Headboard from

Best Modern Headboard Design Ideas

In this article, I have consolidated a list of the 15 best modern headboard design ideas to add value to the aesthetics besides adding comfort.

1.     Modern headboard ideas

The modern theme of your bedroom might be looking for a perfect addition of a sleek and beautifully crafted modern headboard with all the attributes of essential headboard designs that adds value to a modern bedroom interior.

2.     Moroccan style headboard design

Moroccan style headboard design adds to the style of a modern bedroom. Moroccan-inspired headboards are characterised by their colour and texture and usually feature wooden frames with extensive woodwork and carvings. These headboard designs reflect natural colours and sometimes shades of the sun.

3.     Chevron-patterned headboard design

Among a plethora of designs and patterns, these chevron patterns featuring inverted-v meeting on both sides which can also be viewed as zig-zag stripes are widely popular. The patterns may come in black and white headboard or feature shades of other bright or neutral colours.

4.     Plush headboard design

If you are a devotee of rich fabric materials and price do not really bother you, you must count on these plush style headboards that are expensive but comfortable.

5.     Glossy headboard ideas

It is very likely that you are looking to add a glossy, bright appearance to your bedroom design. In that case, this set of glossy headboards with a shiny, bright surface is the thing that could best fit your interest.

6.     Artistic headboard design

If you are an advocate of art and design looking to add artistic value to your home décor, this kind of headboard design surfaced with gems of artwork and design could be your go-to headboard option.

7.     Comfy headboard ideas

Leaning on a hardboard can be a soothing experience with a comfy headboard in place. Comfy headboards are mostly preferred over those that compromise on comfort for aesthetics. It is always advisable to opt for comfy headboard designs with style intact.

8.     Velvet headboard ideas

Velvet material headboards can be used to glorify the look of the room while being in compliance with the colour combination in place. Other textile elements in the room can be painted in velvet material to complement the aesthetic. Additionally, velvet materials are undeniably smooth and soft.

9.     90-degree headboard ideas

This headboard idea was inspired by the geometry of angles. Corner-styled at the head and a side of the bed, this headboard design idea makes a 90 degree at one corner of the bed giving it a unique look.

10.  Head-to-head headboard design

This is a unique, space-efficient headboard idea where a pair of beds are arranged head to head so that the headboard is shared. Besides saving space, this headboard idea gives uniqueness to arrangements in the room.

11.  Build into the wall headboard ideas

A headboard can also be engraved in the wall itself to create a distinct headboard design that stands out. Embedded into the wall headboards look truly unique and impart simplistic yet eye-catchy style.

12.  Grass headboard ideas

Artificial soft and smooth grass turf can be used in headboard design complemented by colourful, cushiony, and furry pillows to impart completeness to the bed design and décor of the room.

13.  Leather belt headboard ideas

This is yet another creative headboard idea to consider if you are craving a simple and sophisticated way of designing your headboard. Leather belts of varying texture and pattern can be lined horizontally, vertically, or in a cross fashion inside a frame to lend an elegant feel to the headboard.

14.  Rustic wood headboard design

These rust wood can be great headboard materials for insulation. Besides, they can be used to complement the tone and style of your bedroom space.

15.  Smart storage headboard ideas

It is not hard to imagine that headboards can be productive in many other ways. One such way could be the introduction of shelves to hold items such as books, toys, and other needs.

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