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4 Critical Factors for a Top Web Development Site

4 Critical Factors for a Top Web Development Site

4 Critical Factors for a Top Web Development Site

At HireAsp.Net, we have been doing nothing else for 13 years: web development. Web development is often complex, complicated and as a customer, you have to choose many things. How do you ensure that the development process runs as smoothly as possible, and what do you have to consider? Below are the four most important things to think about that we will further explore in the coming weeks.

1. Which technology should I choose?

Perhaps the most crucial question when you have a website, .Net Web Application Developmentor app built. What technology should you use to make it? Are you going for an existing CMS, or are you going to have everything Custom built from scratch? Do you want to develop your app natively, or do you opt for a framework that allows you to create apps for Apple, such as Android, with one codebase?

It would help if you had already discussed these questions with your internet agency at an earlier stage. Once the strategy phase and functional design phase have been thoroughly addressed, your web agency can tell you which technical solutions are the best for realizing your site or app. Before arriving at the development phase, it is already known which technology, CMS, or frameworks will be used.

Below we outline several rules of thumb that you can take into account when choosing the technique.

Which technique do I choose for my website?

If you want a website with a homepage, a blog, a few pages of content, and, for example, a contact form, it is almost always the best choice to opt for an existing CMS. Having Custom make something here would be overkill.

That is already different when you want a website with mining environments, links to other systems, or complex web shops. Sometimes you can solve all this in an existing CMS, possibly supplemented with custom code, but not always. Sometimes it is wiser to go for a 100% custom solution. It is sometimes difficult to determine where that boundary lines.

What you should pay attention to in any case is what is possible in an existing system as standard and what adjustments you have to make to get it the way you want it. If a lot of time has to be made available to adapt existing software, consider the alternative of customizing everything. Then do not just make a choice based on costs, but also look at the future-proofness of the chosen solution. If you get two years ahead with the cheapest solution but five years with the custom (and more expensive) solution, customization is suddenly less costly than it seems.

Which technique do you choose for an app?

The closer you get to the hardware, the more advisable it is to have an app built natively. Hardware in a phone, such as a photo camera, gyroscope, speaker, or microphone, is quite complex and can be used in many ways in an app. With the original programming language, you can control those functions best and most accurately. Hire Asp.Net Developer and Hire Asp.Net MVC Developer is the best choice.

If the app uses less of the hardware in a phone, then using a framework would be a better choice. Apps that mainly serve content with simple interactions with the user are very suitable for this. Using a framework, you do not compromise on the functionalities you can build in, but you save time in the development phase. And that makes the pricing of an app a lot friendlier.

2. Have a smooth process

No matter how good and complete your development process, you will always notice that things go differently than planned or thought during the development process.

That can happen and is part of the job. The question is how you deal with that. Below are a few tips:

Record your first version and stick to the plan: together with your web agency, think about what the first version of your site will be (V1) where you are going to work. New features that you come up with later can always be made, but move them to V2 or V3.

Pay attention to the speed of your site.

A beautiful and complex site or Hire Reactjs developer and Hire vb.net Developer is lovely, of course, but if it is prolonged, then you are not doing anyone a favor. During the development phase, keep an eye on your website scores with a tool like Google Page Speed. You want to achieve a minimum score of 7.5, but preferably an 8+, on both mobile and desktop.

When the speed is lower, then you have to take action. Talk to your web builder to see what possible causes is the poor performance. GIT and a proper deployment tool are helpful tools for this. You can then test the speeds of different versions of your site. This way, you can see from which point in the development phase the site has slowed down. You can then look more specifically in the codebase to find out exactly what causes the slowness. And of course, there are many tools available that developers can use to view the performance of the website and see where opportunities for optimization lie.

4. Provide a secure website

The success of your site is also determined by how secure it is. And the way it is programmed has a significant influence. Wrong programming creates vulnerabilities in the site that hackers and other malicious parties can take advantage of.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether your website is completely safe in terms of code because you cannot always see whether your site is 100% secure. You often only find out when it is too late. What can you do to check your website for safety and potential security risks? You have a few options:

Make sure your website and the server it is running on are up to date at all times. Then you can be sure that the most apparent security risks are covered.

Perform so-called penetration tests (pen tests). There are many tools available that can scan your website for vulnerabilities. A penetration test tries to hack your website in all kinds of ways. If that succeeds, the pen test can tell you where vulnerabilities are in your site.

Have a third party perform a code review. While programmers - like plumbers and carpenters - always find fault with each other's work, it can sometimes be helpful to have a third party look at the code.

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