5 Best Console Tables for Small Spaces

Struggling to find a chic Console Table that will fit in your apartment’s narrow hallway and yet give you plenty of space to drop mail, keys, and other knick-knacks? The search for that perfect piece can be a bit overwhelming, but trust me: you can find some seriously attractive and functional console tables on Furniture Adda, an online furniture website that specializes in custom-made furniture pieces. The good news is that they won’t break the bank either. I’ve rounded up five small console tables that you can buy to get your hallway's act together today.

1. Meenz Sleek Rubber Wood Console Table

This eye-catching piece is perfect for any modern or transitional home and is extremely sleek and narrow. The design features beautiful gold-finished legs with a rubber wood top, making it easy to personalize to your decor, especially if you want to mount a mirror over it.
Buy: Meenz Sleek Rubber Wood Console Table, ₹26,000 from Furniture Adda

2. Sufok Console Table

If you’re looking for a simple piece to place in front of an accent wall or a wallpapered hallway, you can’t go wrong with a classic natural wood-grained table. Such a piece will serve a functional purpose without adding distraction to an already colorful space, and you are bound to fall in love with the uncomplicated clean lines of the Sufok Console Table.
Buy: Sufok Console Table, ₹22,900 from Furniture Adda

3. Isa Console Table

Looking for something tiny that also features hidden storage? This bold black piece from Furniture Adda is an excellent choice, and the drawer will keep mail, loose change, and other clutter out of sight. If you want to add a personal touch to the piece, you can always swap out its knobs with colorful drawer pulls.
Buy: Isa Console Table, ₹23,199 from Furniture Adda

4. Weblytic Modern Console Table

You can't go wrong with this minimalist metal piece with a glass and marble top. I love how the bottom shelf makes it easy to slide a few baskets where you can keep shoes or even blankets; you'll appreciate how spacious this table is and lets you have plenty of storage area.
Buy: Weblytic Modern Console Table, ₹33,780 from Furniture Adda

5. Cla Wood Vanity Console Table, Rustic

Craving a more custom-looking piece? Don’t forget to visit the website at where you’ll find tons of rustic, industrial-like tables that can be designed to fit your needs. How cool is this table with a small vanity mirror! Check your hair, pick up your keys, check back again and head out! So much fun...
Buy: Cla Wood Vanity Console Table, at ₹23,499 from Furniture Adda

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