5 Best Paraphrasing Tools on the Internet to Rebuild Sentence Structure

No matter how experienced and well-versed you are as a content writer; there might be chunks of text somewhere that seemed to be picked from other sources.

Gone are the days when you post plagiarized content on your site and go unnoticed. These days, Google can penalize your site due to heavy plagiarism.

In this digital era, search engines cannot be fooled by unethical practices.

Therefore, you need to find a way to avoid plagiarism. At this spot, online paraphrasing tools come in handy to assist you in uniquely expressing the message.

These paraphrasers help you to write 100% unique content free from plagiarism. But how to find the best paraphrasing tool?

This is the reason I have written this article to provide you with a deeper insight into the top five paraphrasing tools – paid and free.

Let's get started!

What Actually A Paraphrasing Tool Is, And How Does It Work?

A paraphrasing tool lets you generate innovative content that would not be flagged as plagiarism. It makes content writers' lives easier than you think.

It helps you express yourself in a brand new way.

Are you overwhelmingly worried about your content's structure? Do you get stuck in writing again and again in the same tone?

Well, no worries!

An online paraphraser tool can be your life savior.

You do not need to learn new skills while using a paraphrasing tool. It is quite simpler and easier to navigate.

All you need to do is paste the content into its specified text area and hit the button.

Now, let's talk about the top five paraphrasing tools you should try in 2022.


Quil Bot.png

Do you want to fine-tune your writing skills with an AI-based paraphraser?

Look no further!

With a user-friendly interface, Quillbot helps you do professional paraphrasing. This tool helps you save time without compromising on content quality. It crafts excellent content within a few seconds.

Whether you are a student, content writer, copywriter, or researcher, you can benefit from this tool equally. It lets you reorganize the source content and change its sentences to write premium content.

Whether you are writing a couple of paragraphs or a thousand-word article, you can get unique content from this tool.

You can paraphrase 125 words using its free version. On the other hand, you can do unlimited paraphrasing in its paid version.

Rephraser.png is a top-notch paraphrasing tool that boosts your writing productivity without changing the text's original meaning. If you are looking for a rephrasing tool to save your time in writing, is a good option.

It is a multi-featured rephraser that works on the principle of AI to create quality content without sacrificing paper quality.

This tool offers four writing modes that help you properly rebuild sentence structure and paraphrase the whole content as well.

These are:


This mode of makes your content easy to scan and digest.


This featured mode ensures that your text contains no grammatical errors and flows naturally. By letting the original meaning unchanged, it makes a few changes in your text.


With this mode, you can totally change your text's physical appearance. Moreover, it also changes the original meaning of the content.


This mode lets you expand the text to an advanced level. You can use this mode whenever you are assigned a huge word count.

It is absolutely free to use and does not require


It is another great paraphrasing tool for correctly rephrasing words, sentences, and paragraphs. Due to its built-in word generator, you can rephrase the required text instantly.

Whether you are writing an essay, article, thesis paper, or blog post, you can get your text generated in real-time.

You can use this paraphrasing tool to overcome all the plagiarism-related challenges because it writes words amazingly. During the paraphrasing process, it maintains the quality of the text. is a fully free tool and quite easy to use. With its advanced AI thesaurus, it can write content tailored to your needs.

any plug-in. In a nutshell, generates human-friendly content for you.


This tool uses quality words, phrases, and sentences to paraphrase your text. As the English language has multiple synonyms of a world; that's why this tool considers all the parameters of rephrasing.

As a result, it delivers top-notch content and saves the energy and time you would otherwise spend manually crafting content.

Most often, coming up with multiple ways to state a point can be challenging. If you face difficulty in brainstorming ways to write your central point, this tool has your back. allows you to brainstorm the writing process. If you have to write numerous articles in the shortest possible time, you can take full advantage of this tool.

Most significantly, it is free to use and does not require any sign-up.


Duplichecker is another impeccable paraphrasing tool that helps you rephrase text in real-time. You can use this tool as many times as you want and get plagiarism-free content.

You can use this paraphrasing tool in many situations. Sometimes, students struggle to meet deadlines due to their daunting schedules.

If you are one of those students who fail to manage your time, you can use this paraphrasing tool to write amazing content.

It provides you with numerous synonyms so that you choose the best-fit word in your text.

If you are not a native English speaker, writing good content can be a major issue for you. In this situation, this rephraser provides you with excellent rewritten text. It also works as per AI algorithms.

Sometimes, you need access to scholarly materials that are paid. In this case, you can use duplichecker to write content that cuts off the cost.

Final Thoughts

Now at this point, I hope you have recognized the best paraphrasing tools. All these tools are trustworthy.

So, you can choose any of them to write tailor-made content about your topic. No matter which rephrasing tool you are going to choose from this list, one thing is quite sure you will enjoy working on it.

Best of luck!

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