5 Cost-effective Marketing Ideas for Local Insurance Companies

Boosting your brand awareness on the local market has numerous nuances. As an insurance agent, you need to build trust with the community, put your unique solutions in front of the potential audience, and show the efficiency of collaboration with your company.

Unlike general marketing efforts, local promotion needs more personalization, research, and imagination. Let's look at several cost-efficient ideas to tweak your local marketing campaign.

1. Become Visible at Local Events

Building trust with the local community involves meeting potential clients in person. An insurance company can take advantage of local events to make presentations, speak with community leaders, offer services, and study the competition.

You can go further to do volunteer work as a community member. While this method is time-consuming, it's productive and cost-efficient. It can help create an excellent reputation and build a solid foundation for brand awareness.

While boosting your visibility, you can learn about community needs and find out firsthand what interests your potential audience the most. This can help with creating ads and identifying the best spots for placing billboards.

2. Improve Your Content  

When it comes to local marketing, content is king. Improving your content means adding more value to what you have to say. As you study your community, you can find ways to present your local solutions in different ways.

By taking advantage of local keywords and boosting the value of your posts, articles, and blogs, you can attract more clients to your website, thus improving the conversion rate.

3. Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the cheapest yet highly effective local advertising tools. You can segment your audience by using the location parameter. Additionally, Facebook is introducing segmentation by life events.

For an insurance company, it means catching clients when they need your services the most. From purchasing a home and getting married to buying a new car to going on a trip, Facebook opens up a treasure trove for insurance agents.

4. Consider Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has been around for a while, but only a limited number of companies have gotten around to using it. This method involves taking advantage of a platform where you share your potential clients' parameters and the amount of money you want to pay for an ad.

The rest is done in an automated regime. The program finds the website most suitable for placing your ad and bids for the advertising space. If you win the bid, your ad appears where your potential audience is highly likely to see it.

Programmatic advertising is hardly the only way to automate your marketing efforts. Numerous programs (paid and free) exist to improve your advertising campaigns. Some of them include:

  • Yext – assisting with local directory listings
  • Synup – monitoring local listings and managing reviews
  • Vendasta - monitoring local listings and managing reviews
  • Localeze – updating information in directories
  • Moz Local – managing local data, reviews, social media

5. Generate Referrals

Even if you have a new business, you should work out a referrals strategy. For a local insurance company, referrals are highly important. According to Forbes, referrals are the most valuable form of marketing. Put more work into your referrals campaign to get the highest ROI.

  • Ask for a referral at the right time (smart tip: not when you are issuing an invoice)
  • Create a rewards program
  • Explain to clients how valuable referrals are for the community
  • Create shareable content so your clients can forward it to others via email and social media posts.

Final Thoughts

While local marketing tactics are often similar to global campaigns, they include extra personalization, communication, awareness, and understanding. By taking full advantage of the above ideas, you can tweak your local insurance company marketing efforts tremendously.

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