5 Empowerment Apps for Women to Install Now

Woman - an entire Universe in itself. But the question remains the same - how is their worth gauged against this male-dominated world? This is the 21st century we are living in, where women have proved themselves in every way. Yet if you happen to visit and stay in the rural areas for a few days, the scenario depicts something totally different. Women’s oppression is still out there and it is a disease that can only spread if not demolished from the roots.

This calls for women empowerment that can bring more education and knowledge to women irrespective of the age, caste, place, etc. There are tons of women empowerment apps that are easily available in the Play Store. But it is important to only download the best ones. Here we are, with a complete list of some of the finest women empowerment applications. These applications are shaped by a reputed mobile application development agency. With these apps, many women are now able to turn their life around for the better.

Here are Top Empowerment Apps for Women

If you are confused about which women empowerment apps every woman must download, especially in 2021, here is the list:

  1. Stipator: In Latin, the term “Stipator” addresses “bodyguard.” It is one of the best women’s safety apps that the modern working woman must use, irrespective of where she works. While you commute while reaching the office or home, this app can serve you well. The mobile application functions as a bodyguard as it can track you while you are on the road. This means that your loved ones and near ones will be aware of your whereabouts and the same can be seen on social networks as well. If you have a Windows phone, this app is completely compatible with it. Download the application for free today.
  2. SOS Stay Safe: Amidst the various female apps, the one that is turning heads is the SOS stay safe app due to its amazing features. With this application, you can ask for help just by sending a text message, or you can send an email as well to your emergency contacts. Not only this, but you can even send voice recordings that will last for one minute, along with sending the exact location. Just by shaking your phone once, it is possible to send your phone’s battery status to someone near you. Such information any user can send at ongoing intervals for offering GPS tracking of your location on a real-time basis. If you are an Android user, you can download this application for free.
  3. Bachchao: These kinds of women empowerment apps are very useful as you can keep all your buddies aware of your current location while you travel to a new city. Especially when you stay out late, you must use this application without fail. This app is known for its two major services in the scenario of a crime. The first is, it will send your listed friends an alarm through SMS. The second is, it conducts a video recording that can function as a digital witness in case there were no live witnesses in the scene. The text that your buddies will receive will incorporate location details that will help them act fast for getting help for the person in danger. This application is totally compatible with Android and you can download it for free.
  4. YatraMiTR: This is also a highly trusted application as it helps in keeping track of the location of the user. If you are the user, the first step is to register yourself in the application with your phone number and chosen password. Suppose a scenario where you are about to stay late and will be boarding an auto or cab late at night; your parents or friends can visit the YatraMitr website and then login with the correct details. This application is known for its features, such as an auto-fare calculator that is GPRS-based and dynamic GPS. It offers details on night-time fare. The application also offers information on the police station in proximity aligned with restaurants, hospitals, railway stations, and bus stands.
  5. English Hindi Dictionary: There are many women in today’s time who are striving and trying very hard to be able to speak fluently in English. Some women also aim to solidify their vocabulary knowledge. For all those women who never stop learning, the English Hindi Dictionary application is just for you.

Final Say

Do you know what the biggest challenge that almost every woman faces are? It is to stand up, look into the eye and face the world. Earlier things were different where women found no support neither from their loved ones and neither the world. But now, in this 21st century, not only are families more aware of how important it is to save the girl child but there are women empowerment apps as well. Starting from offering basic education, keeping women safe at night while they travel, or offering texts and tutorials, these apps can do it all. Contact a mobile application development agency if you want to build one app.

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