5 Interesting Facts About German Shepherds

Have you been thinking about getting a pet animal recently? Maybe a dog or a cat? If you are an extreme kind of a person, you may even think about getting a tarantula or a python. There are people like that. And there is no harm if you are properly taking care of the animal and of yourself.

But if you are not that adventurous and want to stick to the former options, we have something for you in-store. In this article, we are going to talk about dogs. And not just any dog. It is one of the most loyal and intelligent dogs. The German Shepherd.

German Shepherd

There are many dogs that have a lasting effect and hold on to their owner’s heart. But none can come close to the German Shepherd. These are the noble ones and are known for being protective of their loved ones. They are also extremely fearless and brave and will risk their lives in order to save their humans.

If you have a german shepherd, if you know someone who has a german shepherd, or if you just want to adopt one, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You should know whether or not the breed is for you before you end up in the adoption center.

And not to forget, the interesting facts. After all, that is the reason why you have searched for this article!

German Shepherd Growth Chart




1 month

5-6 in, 7-9 lbs

3-6 in, 4-8 lbs

6 months

15-18 in, 48-58 lbs

14-16 in, 45-49 lbs

1 year

22-25 in, 70-80 lbs

20-22 in, 59-65 lbs

2 years

23-24 in, 75-85 lbs

21-23 in, 60-66 lbs

Facts about German Shepherd

Now coming back to the reason why you came across our article: the interesting facts about the dog. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

1. They Are The War Heroes

Did you know that the German Shepherd worked alongside the soldiers in the two world wars? They helped the German soldiers and served as the Red Cross guard dogs, messengers, and rescuers. They also helped the wounded soldiers by leading them to the medical centers.

2. Schutzhund

Think about having an official sport just for one breed of dogs! The sport known as Schutzhund was organized by the lovers of this breed to prove how intelligent and fun the German shepherds can be. The literal meaning of the word Schutzhund is “protection dogs,” which helps this breed showcase its innate abilities.

3. They Are Very Smart

In case you are an owner of this breed, this is something that you already know. They can do everything and are very quick to learn. They are very easy to train and can master any new behavior in just a few tries. They are great in most activities and are very energetic. That is one of the reasons why they are used as service dogs!

4. They Had Alternate Names

When the first World War began, the Americans decided not to call them German anymore. So they started calling them just Shepherd Dogs. In European countries, they were known as Wolf Dogs because of their wolf-like features.

5. They Are Colorful

There are many varieties of German Shepherds. And they are in many colors. The silver sable german shepherd, which is incredibly rare and hard to find, is one of them. There are also.

There is also a rare purebred German Shepherd known as the panda German Shepherd with a unique mutation that gives it a black and white coat instead of the black and tan one.

Final Words

A German Shepherd is a great choice for you if you are looking for a breed that is easy to train. They are incredibly smart and will do anything to protect you. They are also very energetic. So if you want to bring some activities back to your life, the German Shepherd is the breed for you.

They were the first service dogs in history and also helped the soldiers in the two World Wars that happened in the 20th century. The German Shepherd lovers came up with an interesting sport just for the breed where the dogs can have their share of activities and fun. These are some of the interesting facts about one of the best and most loved breeds in the world.

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