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5 most popular tricks to win online ludo game

5 most popular tricks to win online ludo game

Before learning some tricks to win a ludo game every time firstly you should have some basic knowledge about the game like how to play Ludo or what is the necessary equipment to play Ludo?

If you are among those people who don't have a little knowledge about Ludo then don't worry here you will learn the basic rules, history of Ludo, and some best tips that can help you to win the Online Ludo game every time. Ludo is one of the most loved and played indoor games in the world. It originated in India and was known as Pachisi in earlier times the name Ludo was given by the people of England.

One of the best features that Ludo has for ages is that it strengthens the bond between the players and from earlier times people use to play Ludo to spend some joyful and entertaining time with their loved ones. When gaming orgs recognized that people are showing more interest in Ludo so some of them launched Ludo games. With the help of these online Ludo games, people are getting rid of boredom and most of these games are giving real money to the winners so more people are attracted to Ludo.

Some Common Rules and Instructions of Ludo

As Ludo needs no introduction because its rules are almost the same around the globe but if you are a newbie and want to get familiar with it then don't worry you are at the right place here you will get every information related to the game. If you are playing Ludo offline then you have to gather some equipment like a square-shaped board with 4 different coloured squares on every corner of the board to differentiate between players.

The player who takes all 4 tokens to the finish line first wins the game and that is the main objective of the game whether you play Ludo offline or online. If you are playing Ludo online then there is no need for any equipment every necessary thing is designed in the game you just need a device and start enjoying the game.

Now let's see some rules of Ludo:

●  To take a token out from the base a 6 is compulsory for every player.

●  An extra chance is rewarded to the player who got 6 once.

●  If a player gets 6 three times continuously then that player loses his turn.

●  If your token lands on the opponent's token then his token is sent back to the base.

●  If your two tokens are in the same block then your opponent can't kill your token because they are in a safe space.

Tricks to win the Ludo game

These days the online Ludo platforms are offering real money to the users and because of this people are investing money in this game without even thinking about whether they have some knowledge about the game or not. Smart people work smartly and before investing they get familiar with the game by analyzing the game and by knowing every rule of the game. If you have a hunger to win every online Ludo game and want to earn real money by playing Ludo then just read the tricks mentioned below:

1. Know every rule

As mentioned earlier if a player knows every rule of Ludo then he is already one step ahead of those players who are newbies or who are not much experienced. There are more chances of winning the game for those who know the rules of the game.

2. Bring all Tokens out

This is one of the best tricks to win every Ludo game because if you bring all tokens out from the base then you can make a move of any number and you can cover the whole board by keeping every token in every corner.

3. Be Patient

Patience plays a vital role when you play Ludo because you have to make every step very carefully so you have to be patient and think twice or thrice and then move your pawns. If you are playing in a hurry then you can make a wrong move that can lead you to defeat.

4. Kill the Opponent's tokens

This is another great trick to win Ludo every time in this you have to kill the opponent's token whenever you get the chance because when you kill them they are sent back to the base and your way to the finish line is clear.

5. Build your strategy

There is no breakpoint of the strategy that is built by yourself so put some more effort and make a way on your own to win the game it can be one of the best moves that can lead you toward victory every time you play Ludo or any game.

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