5 Myths About Anger You Need To Stop Believing

“I get angry and can’t settle down unless the other person accepts my point” ~~ Marina
“Please help my husband, he gets angry every time. Please do something to eradicate his anger” ~~ Stephine
“Whenever I am angry, I end up crying. I cannot come out of this.” ~~ Joseph

Reverberate on any of the above? Well, since childhood we all have been taught at home and school that anger is an extremely bad habit and it kills. True, it kills. “It’s a punishment you give yourself for someone else’s fault”, said a very celebrated saint. But it seems impossible to do away with anger, isn’t it? A life spent without being angry will be like a robot. But, when anger is not under control, it creates a negative effect on mental health.

Mental health is of utmost importance for a person’s well-being and anger issues play a pivotal role in balancing your brain and heart. Emotional wellbeing is so important that we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month to spread the significance of it among people.

Humans have a myriad of emotions – mutually exclusive or one connected to the other. Anger is one such emotion, but a powerful one. Powerful, because it can drag you down into a hole of negativity unless you know how to balance it. It is one of the strongest, yet misunderstood emotions. It leads to a lot of behavioral issues when it’s not managed right. Let’s talk about some myths which you feel are true about anger, but are not.

Myth 1: Anger and Aggression are the same

Many people confuse aggression with anger but they aren’t the same. Feeling angry is an emotion, but aggression is harmful. It’s a common trait for people to become aggressive as soon as they feel anger. So, anger triggers aggression when they don't control it and that leads to dysfunctional behavior. You tend to hurt the opposite person, become rude, and talk with all ego when you get aggressive. However, it is in your hands how to channel your anger. Use it positively instead of triggering negative behavior.

Myth 2: When you become angry, vent it out

Oftentimes, this gets adverse. If you feel like venting out helps, then take deep breaths. But shouting and screaming don’t help at all. Turning hostile will only aggravate your anger issues. When you become violent, the intensity of your emotions rises and will take you even longer to calm down. So, do not turn violent as it will just worsen the situation. Instead, sit down, be calm, relax, breathe, and feel that you love yourself above all. So, don’t hurt your own heart by being agitated.

Myth 3: Anger issue is negative

Of course not, being angry is not negative at all. It is completely human to be negative. You can do a lot of positive things by becoming angry. Take it to your advantage, change the situation to your favor, gear up for positivity in life.

Myth 4: Women are less angry than men

This is not true at all. Men have taken this myth to their advantage to justify their anger issues. More so, our societal norms have heightened this myth to apparent reality. Research has revealed that both genders experience the same intensity of anger. The way they express themselves is different. Men are known to be more aggressive and impulsive when they are angry. Women on the other hand often take a different approach to deal with it. Oftentimes, they prefer to cut ties with a person with extreme anger issues.

Myth 5: Suppress anger to help yourself

Not at all! Suppression will lead to a lot of health issues, but that doesn’t mean you will throw things or drive rashly or take out your anger on someone by thrashing him to the door. Anger is not just in your head. You need to make your mind understand that anger will not help you in this situation. Instead, grow so strong that no person can shake your beautiful equilibrium within yourself. Become so balanced that no person can irritate you with anger or unnecessary talks.

Anger evokes a psychological reaction, which often fuels aggressive behavior. Learn to relax your mind and body in such circumstances to reduce outbursts. Suppressing it will not offer you harmony between your heart and brain.

What is “mind” to you? Do you feel it’s the brain that speaks or the heart that expresses? Well, this depends on person to person. The way you deal with anger often depends on which one you give the key to drive you. If emotions are the driver for you, you will deal with anger in a certain way. Alternatively, if brain-driven practicality directs you always, you will express anger in some other way.

We, at Tava-Mitram, aim to break such myths which are prevalent in India and worldwide and transform the thoughts of people towards self-realization and introspecting for answers within. We are an initiative/brand of IIUEF - (Inner Universe Education Foundation) is a 12A-80G registered organization and a non-profit organization. Ekktaa and Dr. Paras, our two renowned master coaches, are taking the wave ahead to inculcate the power of the subconscious in you. Tava-Mitram holds group and individual coaching (donation-based) classes to heal your body, mind, and soul. It is very important to connect with yourself, explore and know yourself and understand who you are. The greatest adventure of life is the journey within! We will help you build emotions right which can make you a better version of yourself.

To control your anger issues or any emotion which triggers your negative traits, it's important to reach your higher self. If anger is not maneuvered in the right way, it can create an adversative impact on your mental health. We believe it is only you who can help yourself and we will guide you for that. We are also working tirelessly to make mental health awareness a priority. If you echo that, then consider joining us as Global Mitra Volunteer to help us spread awareness worldwide. So, if you wish to reach a point in life where you achieve that self-transformation to beat any odds in life, visit us or you can write to us at [email protected] to seek the much-needed help.

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