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5 Unique Children’s Room Wallpapers Every Parent Should Know

5 Unique Children’s Room Wallpapers Every Parent Should Know

Designing a child’s bedroom may seem like one of the easiest things to do because parents don’t really think they need anything too extra. However, it could be one of the most difficult tasks, especially as you have to consider quite a number of things.

Every parent should know that the goal of designing a kid’s bedroom is to make it fun, lovely, beautiful, and colorful. Hence, parents reading about children’s room wallpaper ideas is important to achieve that goal.

5 Wallpaper Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Wallpapers do tell a story, and getting the right one for your child will help his cognitive and creative skills in a way. Great wallpapers should be bold, patterned, and must foster nature’s love.

Below is a description of the 5 best wallpaper style ideas for your children’s room.


One of the best wallpaper styles that helps connect your child to nature is the Botanical. It is a friendly children’s room wallpaper because of the neutral colors.

Besides, botanical wallpapers allow kids to explore their outdoor interests indoors – plants, animals, etc. They are also avenues to educate children about the environment and life on earth.


Woodland isn’t any different from botanical wallpaper. It is another perfect wallpaper idea for kids’ rooms because it makes them aware of the earth – trees, forests, and plants.

Woodland wallpapers are mostly trees – colored and uncolored ones. With the uncolored woodland wallpapers, children can use their leisure time to do some creative painting.


Another classic wallpaper idea for your children’s bedroom is the Whimsical. It is a wallpaper designed to bring imaginations to life – from children’s stories and fairytales.

The inspiration of wallpaper design can be from anything, as long as it reminds kids about certain characters or figures from their favorite storybook or tales. Often, Whimsical Wallpapers come in floral and animal prints, such as dandelions, horses, and so on.

Children’s Room – Pretty Poppy Pickle

The Pretty Poppy Pickle is another fantastic wallpaper idea to consider. It is the best wallpaper for a baby room because of the friendly and homely vibe it resonates with.

At a tender age, kids become aware of certain things – even if they have no idea what those things represent, it automatically registers to their memory that they are home. The Pretty Poppy Pickle is definitely a great way to make kids comfortable and assured that they are somewhere safe and full of love.


Animal-inspired wallpapers are also unique room wallpaper styles for kids and teenagers. It seems quite fun to have different animals providing great aesthetics to the quality of a child’s room.

With animal wallpapers, kids also become aware of the various types of animals in the world – thus, it would serve as some initiative to educate them about wildlife.

Where Can Parents Find Kids' Bedroom Wallpaper?

Finding all the 5 unique children’s room wallpaper in one place seems difficult because some online and physical stores are only known to display some. However, a good place parents can find the best Kids’ Wallpaper Collection is at Manolo Walls.

Manolo Walls takes an interest in providing some of the best wallpapers for any room, delivering the feeling of comfort and love to whoever uses them – including kids. This store features incredible designers, like Resplendence Design Studio, who, for a fact, makes fancy and trendy bedroom wallpapers for adults and kids.

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