6 Best Places to See the Snowfall in Shimla in 2022

Shimla is one of the most demanding tourist destinations during the winter. This is all because of the beautiful places river here which looks more beautiful under the snow. Maximum of the tourist visit in winter to witness the snowfall in Shimla. There are also numerous activities that are reopened only during the winter season. These activities include skiing, ice skating, snowball fighting, etc. If you are also fond of these activities then you must visit Shimla during the winter. Here we will discuss the major places in Shimla to visit in winter. So, that you can add them to your Shimla Manali Tour packages of winter.

Shimla Town

The first destination that you should step in Shimla during the winter is Shimla Town. The central Shimla Town which lies in the lap of the great Himalayas witness sufficient snowfall in winters. During the winter the town gets covered with a thick snow layer as if there is a thick white blanket. The town connects through other places in the city through the Mall Road. Mall Road is itself a good choice in the winter season. with the scenic beauty and opportunities. The moment when you shop by the roadsides and walk through that snow blanket, you get goosebumps.

Another major activity while roaming by the Mall Road is to get some hot snacks in the chilling weather. The other prominent destinations that are part of Shimla town include Jakhu Hill. Hill station’s beauty becomes incomparable in winters. And of course, the Ridge is also the part of the town and in fact the heart of the town.


If your main motive is to discover all the places that witness snowfall in Shimla then don’t miss Kufri. It is located very near to Shimla town and is just 16 km away. The place holds the record to witness the highest snowfall in Shimla. This means for snowfall lovers, this is the ultimate place. The hills and the low valleys of Kufri turn white during the winters that giving you a marvelous view. From the ridge of Kufri, you can observe the beautiful snow-capped mountain and hills. The Snow Resort of Kufri is widely known for the activities like skiing. The place is also popular for having the best ski slopes in India. The wildlife lover can also observe the beauty of the wildlife in the Himalayan Nature Park.


Another popular place to witness snowfall in Shimla with breathtaking scenes is Narkanda. You can reach this place which is 60 km away from Shimla on a private vehicle enjoying the landscapes. The Narkanda hill which seems to be purely green during the summers turns entirely into a snow resort during the winter. If you want to get rid of the crowded city areas and relax in peace, then you must visit Narkanda. It is totally untouched by the noisy and polluted city. So, here you can breathe the fresh air. The slopes are Narkanda are said to be perfect for both beginners and experts to ski. Along with skiing, you can also take back the trekking experience. The trekking journey to the Hatu Peak remains unforgettable. And lastly, the apple and the cherry orchards covered with snow are what you can’t take your eyes away from.


The ultimate place for peace seekers looking forward to a peaceful winter trip is Mashobra. With winter approaching, this place gets more beautiful and mesmerizing. The snow-covered peaks will every time keep your breath on hold because of the beautiful landscapes. For wildlife lovers, the Reserve Forest Sanctuary of Shimla is the perfect place to spend time. For the adventure seekers, there are numerous activities to opt for. The prominent activities include skiing, trekking, hiking, and rappelling. The mountain slopes of the mountains in Mashobra are perfect for skiing without any fear. So, visiting Mashobra in December will be most beneficial and full of fun and excitement.


Rohru is located on the bank of the river Pabbar that itself forms a mesmerizing picturesque during the winters. The best thing about this place is that it is the least discovered place in Shimla. So because of this, the crowd is less in the place. But the snowfall in Rohru is very much enticing and breathtaking. The entire valley and the hills get covered with the thick snow layer. The place is the favorite destination for peace lovers as it is free of a dense crowd of tourists. While experiencing the fresh air at Rohru, one can enjoy fishing in the Pabbar River. The other breathtaking place in Rohru includes the beautiful apple orchards. Apart from these things you can also enjoy trekking in the Chandernahan Trek and witness beautiful landscapes from there.


Naldehra is a beautiful snowfall witnessing place which is 25 km away from Shimla. It is also one of the unexplored but the most beautiful place in Shimla. And since not many people have an idea about it so it remains away from the crowd. So, one can enjoy their peaceful days of winter here. Naldehra lies in the lap which is covered by the Himalayan mountains and the pine forest valley. This beautiful destination which is situated in the lap of the Himalayas also has a beautiful 9 hole golf course. The spot also comprises luxurious resorts and hotels for staying with family and friends. There are some of the famous trekking sites present here such as Craignano and the Shalli Peak.


Hence, these are the best places in Shimla where you can witness heavy snowfall. You can also do numerous activities in these places such as trekking, skiing, and hiking. Many of the places also get closed due to the heavy snowfall but these places are opened all the time. So, if you are planning a winter trip then keep these names in mind for your Shimla Manali Trip.

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