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6 BI Tools catching up with MS Power BI

6 BI Tools catching up with MS Power BI

Are you thinking of using a Power BI solution for your business? You will be pleased to know that several options are available in the market. The business intelligence (BI) solutions assist you with analyzing trends, getting actionable insights, and helping you make strategic and tactical business decisions. A business intelligence estimate states that 50% of finance organizations and nearly 52% of software companies employ BI solutions.

source: dataprot.net

They also support you in seeing trends in the masses of data your company accumulates. But the question here is, how can you choose the best business intelligence tool ideal for your company? If you are struggling with this question, you have landed on the correct page. This article will help you know the best BI tools that are fast catching up with the significant market player MS Power BI. But before that, let's get to know about Microsoft Power BI.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution allowing the users to visualize data and share insights throughout the organization. Moreover, it can embed the actionable insights in websites and apps. The solution comprises several products or services, and its value and adaptability come from making use of each one and the ways they interact.

The Microsoft BI package gives marketers dynamic business intelligence tools for creating dashboards and reporting. Power BI, introduced in 2011, has a cloud-based BI option known as Power BI Services and a desktop-based platform called Power BI Desktop. Let's discuss the advantages of implementing Power BI tools in an organization.

Some Advantages of Power BI Solutions to Know

Power BI Solutions

Competent Power BI tools provide several noticeable advantages. Below are some of the most significant benefits worth knowing:

  • Gather pertinent information

Whether a small business or a major corporation, you likely gather data from various portals, CRMs, ERPs, APIs, databases, and other sources. Therefore, it would be best if you established a top-level data intelligence mechanism to integrate all these channels and improve your comprehension of the gathered data. Thus, adopting contemporary data connectors of Power Bi will enable you to centralize the various sources and give you a consolidated view of all essential business activities.

  • Users can benefit from forecasts

Data scientists and analysts aren't needed for forecasting anymore. Instead, users of any experience level may readily create insights into future eventualities by incorporating Power BI solutions, which will aid them in changing current plans to provide the most profitable outcomes.

  • Get rid of physical work.

Modern software removes long rows and columns and makes process automation possible, whereas conventional methods of company administration promote the use of static spreadsheets and presentations. Power Bi incorporates a ton of automation once setup appropriately, thus making life easier for all parties concerned.

  • Minimizes operating expenses

Power BI tools facilitate quicker planning, research, and reporting approaches for everything from sales forecasting, consumer behavior analysis, real-time data processing, and product improvement. As a result, you may accomplish much better business performance and make strategic modifications to work effectively and quickly.

With these advantages at hand, Power Bi is the weapon of choice when it comes to data analytics and intelligence for business owners everywhere.

Best 6 BI tools Catching Up with MS Power BI

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a web-based package of analytics tools that excel in visual presentation. It has brand-new adapters that help you to scale up your advertising strategy and provide users the ability to recognize patterns instantly. Some of the essential features of MS power BI are as under:

  • Offers a broad selection of intricate and appealing visuals.
  • It gives Power BI users the option to choose from various data sources.
  • One can use the datasets to produce a variety of visualizations.

However, other Power BI tools are catching up with MS Power BI. With the competition hotting up, we thought it wise to give business owners the low-down on some of them. So, let's know about all the 6 BI tools one by one, along with their key features:

  1. Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is an excellent BI solution for data analysis and in-depth reporting. One can set up this BI tool to synchronize data automatically regularly. By utilizing the integration APIs, one may create a connector quickly. Users can combine and integrate data from many sources to produce meaningful insights. You may generate customized dashboards and reports using a simple editor, allowing you to focus on the crucial elements. Additionally, it provides a special remark option in the sharing choices, which is an excellent option for teamwork.


  • Your data can be divided up and visually analyzed using various visualization tools.
  • Analysis of data from more than 250 sources.
  • Combines business information from many departments, including marketing, support, sales, and finance, across the whole enterprise.

2.  Datapine

Datapine is a fantastic business intelligence tool that blends straightforward, intuitive use with powerful analytics features. Data analytics users may produce helpful business information and create well-informed data-driven choices based on the self-service BI solution. This BI tool provides all the capabilities you will need for your analytics journey.


  • Provides more than 50 data connectors.
  • Offers flexibility in data integration.
  • Simple matching and combining of data from several sources.

3.  SAS Business Intelligence

SAS Business Intelligence is a robust BI suite that caters to the needs of a few professional data scientists, data engineers, text analysts, forecasting analysts, and optimization modelers. Since its founding in the 1970s, SAS Business Intelligence has steadily built and expanded its product line. As a result, this product has a respectable level of user happiness and trust, receiving excellent ratings on G2Crowd and Capterra.


  • Offers data visualization in the most effective way possible.
  • Produces significant insights to aid in decision-making for all business operations.
  • It has resources for making ad-hoc reports of high quality for distribution.

4. Tableau


Businesses can implement Tableau's marketing dashboards to consolidate all business information in one location. It can help the user gain information about social media presence, website performance, customer behavior, and spending. Tableau Online, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server, and Tableau Mobile are examples of the company's products. Additionally, data exploration is available through Tableau Desktop's user-friendly interface.


  • Uses visuals to give a complete picture of your data.
  • Provides easy ways for users to collaborate and rapidly exchange data.
  • Users can connect to a wide range of data sources and retrieve data from them.

5.  Looker

Looker is a robust BI tool for modeling data using its language, LookerML, which includes constrained data input and visualization options. It is designed for data teams that prioritize having strong modeling capabilities. Additionally, such teams must persist in mastering LookerML, a proprietary language. Additionally, it features a substantial collection of analytics code known as Looker Blocks that, once activated, can accelerate repetitive tasks.


  • It offers the advantage of packaged services to grow your company.
  • Increased insights for a larger audience.
  • Deliver large-scale data applications.

6.  Domo

Domo is a BI tool that includes several systems, commencing with data connectivity and concluding with data extension through pre-built and customized applications from the Domo Appstore. Along with Python or R scripts for data preparation for predictive modeling, users can utilize Domo for your data warehouses, lakes, and ETL solutions. Furthermore, like other tools, one may use them to integrate the data throughout their organization, availing the use of their machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities and let users independently analyze the data.


  • Employs a range of ready-made cloud connectors.
  • Users can utilize a drag-and-drop Magic ETL to process data using the data transformation features.
  • Domo's artificial intelligence engine, Mr. Roboto, powers predictive analysis.


The term 'business intelligence' itself explains the idea of expertly enhancing business efficiency. This task is made simple and achievable through cutting-edge 6 BI tools catching up with the popular Microsoft Power BI solution. The attributes of each business intelligence tool on this list are pertinent.

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