7 common freezer faults that might be affecting its cooling

Many people complain about their fridge freezer not cooling as always. It is a common issue that may have serious consequences associated with it. Anything can cause disruption. First of all, you should look for clear signs that your freezer needs repair. However, most of the time, the issue is as simple as replacing the door seal.

Indeed, the working of the fridge and freezer is connected. One fault in the fridge can cause issues with the freezer’s cooling. In the same way, any problem with the freezer can affect the functioning of the refrigerator. That is why do some home-based investigation before you contact refrigerator repair services.  

If your freezer is not cooling or frosting things as it does, there might be a few common faults. So, here is the list of seven such flaws that will help you identify your side of the issue:

  1. Something is blocking the freezer fan
  2. It’s getting direct heat
  3. A frosted freezer base
  4. Drain hole blockage
  5. Compressor issue
  6. Hardened or spoiled door seal
  7. Thermostat needs adjustment

Something is blocking the freezer fan:

Well, an engineer or an expert better know where the freezer fan lies. But, if you can find a fan in the freezer, you may find something blocking its air. In that case, make sure that nothing is blocking the fan or the blower. So, move around things in the freezer to know where the fault lies. Furthermore, your fridge may not be freezing due to a build-up ice block over the fan. These simple and checkups can save you from a lot of trouble and hefty repair charges.

It’s getting direct heat:

Yes, you heard it right! Almost everyone will suggest you relocate your fridge. The reason is that if your refrigerator is pretty close to the stove or oven, it will get direct heat energy. As a result, the machinery gets warmed up quickly and does not cool or frost things in the freezer. Moreover, a faulty freezer also affects the overall cooling of the unit. For this reason, you should always check the location and heat conduction of your fridge.

A frosted freezer base:

If your freezer has blocks of ice around the sides and base of the box, it is most likely to affect its cooling. That way, the freezer, and it's unit force the compressor to work efficiently due to heavy ice blocks. Therefore, defrosting is the only way to revive the cooling of your freezer. But, make sure not to use any utensils for this task. One crack- and it will cause a gas leak. In addition, gas leaks are risky, and it will cost you a hundred dollars minimum to repair them.

Drain hole blockage:

A blocked drain hole is another reason the freezer might not be frosting things. The water condenses at the back of the fridge because it is cool then runs down the drain hole, where it usually evaporates. Dust, dirt, and food waste frequently get stuck in the drain hole, preventing water from draining, but you can easily clean it with a thin straw, a piece of wire, or a cotton bud. A few flushes of water will hopefully dislodge whatever is causing the blockage.

Compressor issue:

Any issue with the compressor can cause a freezer problem. It is a major and expensive deal for you. That is why it is better to be careful with the compressor. You will hear plenty of horrible noises from the compressor, and that is when you need to be concerned about it. Typically, you have to call for refrigerator repair services in Alpharetta to fix the issue. And try not to use it forcefully.

Hardened or spoiled door seal:

If your food is spoiling faster than usual, it could be due to a problem with the door seal. Similarly, if the ice melts faster and more water comes out of the fridge, check the seal for tears and warping in the corners. Close the door on the note, and if it stays in place, the seal is in good working order. Replace the seal if needed.

The thermostat needs adjustment:

Check the thermostat first thing when your freezer lowers its cooling. A faulty thermostat needs repair on time. Also, check its position and adjust it according to the temperature around. Adjust with every season change or repair it if it does not work well.


You might notice that your freezer is not cooling efficiently. These seven minor to major faults can lead to low cooling freezers. So, check the thermostat, door seal, freezer fan, and drain hole blockage. In addition, frosted freezer walls and base can also result in this problem. Likewise, keep checking for noise coming out of the compressor as well.

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