7 Essential Kitchen Tools.

A traditional kitchen or a kitchen with high cooking capacity requires the right tools for cooking tasks.

Apart from knives, there are also essential kitchen tools that both the hobbyist and the best kitchen chef should have. Because it is a powerful tool and without it we cannot do anything in the kitchen.

We searched and found 7 essential kitchen utensils and essential utensils. Neither a fancy menu nor a quick and hot appetizer will do.

1. Chef's knife set

A general-purpose kitchen knife used mostly for slicing, dicing, and slicing operations, with blades ranging from a few inches to 12 inches in length. Small knives are often called small chef knives. Although long knives are often referred to as traditional Chef's knives sets, the height, weight, and balance of these knives allow them to be used extensively when dicing vegetables, fruits, and meat.

2. Potato Peel:

When setting up a kitchen with the basics, make sure you have a good, sharp vegetable peeler for peeling fruits and vegetables or cutting vegetables into strips. There are also potato peelers with small root blades like ginger ale, and very small pumpkin skins. or asparagus stalks.

3. Zester scraper

It doesn't matter if you have a blender or a robot. There are dishes that require finely chopped ingredients. This is why the grater is an indispensable kitchen tool. But this is no ordinary grater. The Microplane Zester grater is a must-have in the kitchen. No other abrasive can achieve the perfect cut.

4. Steel and silicone spoons

A graduated, straight steel spoon moves food from pan to plate. Or a silicone suitable for brushing, mixing, and blending lotion from a bowl or trundle.

5. Kitchen tongs

Tongs resemble a chef's outstretched hand and are especially useful in the kitchen. It is not only used to stir large chunks of food. But it also helps transfer ingredients to the pot or roaster without the risk of burning.

6. Filter

Every kitchen needs a sturdy stainless steel colander for draining cooked pasta and vegetables. It is also used to drain canned beans and washed fresh vegetables.

7. Non-stick frying pan

When the ingredients are cut, we move to the pan. The idea is to have an aluminum pan with a non-stick finish and a high-quality certified finish. Cooking is faster with aluminum. The non-stick coating allows you to easily cook multiple times, allowing you to use less butter or oil.

So if we want to cook quickly or use low heat or boiling water. We need a good non-stick pan. Choose a tray that is neither too big nor too small. I also trained with medium-height rims. So I can mix the sauce.

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