8 Good Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding in Winter

You dreamed of a summer wedding, but it is postponed to this winter because of the health crisis? Know that this season is the promise of a magical D-day for all the reasons we cite here.

Winter is a season for celebrations. Associated with the Christmas period but also the New Year, it is the ideal time of the year to add another date of celebration: that of your union. The emotion of finding your loved ones and living with them warm moments will not belong incoming and a wedding decoration on the theme of the season could also participate in the magic of your big day. Do you want other arguments for opting for a winter wedding from an event or corporate event planner? Here they are.

1. More dates available

Event planners near me are of course more available in winter. If it will be difficult for you to obtain the reception space, the caterer, or the florist of your dreams in the middle of June, you will have much more luck in the matter between December and March.

The wedding planners near me will also be better able to take the time to explain their wedding planner services to you in detail, to meet you, to discuss, and to answer all your questions.

It is very likely that you will be able to benefit from exclusive promotions specially planned for the season.

2. The availability of loved ones

Your family and friends will be more readily available in winter than in summer. Apart from the Christmas holidays, it is indeed a period when we move little. No major holidays in perspective, fewer stays abroad, invitations, compromises, you will have more chance of gathering around you as many people as possible.

It is also a period when weddings are less frequent, which will prevent guests from choosing between your event or another.

3. A warm decoration

The atmosphere of your wedding will necessarily be friendly. Winter is synonymous with closeness and long discussions by the fireside.

Transform your reception area into a cocooning and comfortable space thanks to thick rugs, floor cushions, plaids, armchairs, and fleece sofas.

Opt for immaculate white like snow but also warm colors, candles, dim lighting, and if possible, a fireplace to give sparkle to your wedding table decoration!

4. Goodbye heatwave!

You fear the cold, but have you ever thought about the disadvantages of the high summer heat? And yes, no risk of a heatwave at the end of the year. On the other hand, you will simply have to provide a trendy coat, bolero or jacket or a long-sleeved wedding dress.

The groom can succumb to a beautiful velvet suit and original colors, for example, burgundy red, pine green, or pearl gray...

5. Beautiful photos in your wedding album

If you are lucky enough to live in a region where snow falls in abundance in winter, then you are already certainly convinced that this is the most beautiful season possible for the celebration of a wedding. What could be more romantic than nature covered with its white coat as the setting for your union?

The snow, but also the soft light of this season, will allow you to take original wedding photos during a couple of sessions with an extra touch of magic.

6. The originality of the dishes

Wedding receptions often look alike. The same fresh and colorful foods are found in the buffets from one wedding to the next. By choosing winter, you can afford more surprising stands such as a mulled wine bar, soups, or even comforting drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate, infusions).

Also think of fondue, cheese, or chocolate, accompanied by bread for one, fruit for the other.

7. What about a honeymoon in winter?

If you are planning a honeymoon right after your event, it is ideal if you choose countries such as Argentina, Brazil, or Chile where it is summer at this time of year.

But if you have in mind rather a very cold trip to enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes, head for Lapland and other northern countries.

Go, if you prefer sports stays, to conquer the most beautiful ski slopes in Europe.

8. The friendly atmosphere

Just like Christmas and other winter festivities, your wedding will be the perfect place for beautiful reunions, original indoor wedding games, and long conversations over a hearty and tasty meal.

Without forgetting that all this atmosphere is ideal for big declarations, thanking all your people and taking the time to enjoy everyone's presence.

Whether you have freely chosen a winter wedding or not, remember the many advantages that the season offers. Delicious, warm, and friendly, your union will be, you can be sure, an unforgettable event in the eyes of all.

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