8 Step Checklist To Hire Certified HDB Renovation Contractors

Are you planning to renovate your home? But finding a certified home contractor is still a challenging job for you? Well, we have got you covered!

We understand choosing the hdb licensed contractor is very important for any renovation or construction project. But it consists of many obstacles such as finding quality work, price, and industry experience.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the top 8 checklists for hiring a licensed contractor in Singapore. This will definitely help you to stick to the best!

Checklist to hire a certified contractor

Plan your budget

It is the initial step before hiring a contractor. First, you need to make a list of things you want to renovate. Then write their description and estimate the budget. Follow some budget friendly tips and talk to an expert or contractor for clarification and a rough estimate.

Don’t rush, select a list of contractors and ask all of them to provide a budget estimate. It will help you to choose the best-suited one for you.

There is no such thing; a high charging contractor will be the best. You should choose the renovation contractor according to your pocket and budget.


Whether you want to renovate a house or decorating home before Christmas, it’s better to explore hdb licensed contractors. It’s worth taking the time to choose the right hdb contractor for you.

Begin by inquiring about colleagues and friends who had related work done. When it comes to choosing a contractor, there is nothing like word of mouth.

You can go to local stores, licensing offices, and home construction departments. Even, There is an option of checking online directories that prepare construction services by area.

Invite at least 3 hdb contractors to your home and try on the project based on the information you provided. Remember, never pay or sign anything on their first visit. Rather, ask for recommendations from recent works and earlier ones. The best hdb contractor won’t trouble and will let you ask a number of queries about their work.

For a simple renovation, the project contractor can write an estimate on the spot. Ask them to write in detail such as; what needs to be done and all the materials that will be used. If it is a big project, the contractor will show you documentation, samples, and much more on the site.

Check the background

HDB-licensed builders get acknowledged HDB practice. They understand how to do remodelling in HDB flats. For them, it's easy to complete all responsibilities without damaging your home or place.

HDB-licensed contractors do certification programs. It makes them learn the Housing and Development Board practices that directly converge on property developments. It would not be wrong to say HDB approved contractors are those who give 100% compliance.

Moreover, the HDB license of builders can be rejected if they gain a specific number of demerit cases from infringing HDB laws.

Reliable contractor

Make sure the credentials are in order while finding a contractor. If you hire someone who is not a licensed contractor, they might have safety certification. They might not take responsibility for damage to your property. Call your insurer provider for any questions on your home insurance.

Check out whether an renovation contractors are recognized by professional associations or not. A new or unlicensed contractor will not be able to provide desired results. There are numerous contractors in Singapore, but only a few are reliable.

Deadline of work

If you are struggling to find a committed and licensed contractor, then setting a deadline will help you.

You should fix up your timetable commonly, go around individual schedules and try to get an agreement on a finishing time. The licensed contractor you have chosen would be capable to notify you about the time period of the project which it will realistically take.

For a home renovation, you can expect a time period of 3 weeks to 8 weeks on average.

Also, it is necessary to establish agreed milestones that indicate notable progress in the home renovation or other projects. It is necessary because your renovation contractor would register payments depending on the achievement of these milestones.

Execution of the project

Generally, renovation service requires experts and trustworthy contractors. Execution of any project is very important to complete.

So when finding, the topmost benefit of hiring HDB contractors is having the access to one contact person directly. It will allow you to save bucks, avoid miscommunication, and save time. With all this, there will be fewer possibilities of delays.

As well as, if your contractor has a deep understanding of renovation projects, then it is easy to execute renovation projects in a weekend and combine functionality by designs.

For example, the hdb contractor will ensure that all electrical outlets or other appliances are placed in the right position. Also, they will make sure that your property doesn’t have any damages.

Check out the bond

Ensure that the hdb licensed contractor is bonded and insured. Remember, it should have a contractor for a certificate of insurance (COI). The contractor must provide the brand of the insurance firm, policy limits, and policy number the contractor has.

It will help you to contact the insurance firm to verify the coverage. It makes sure the policy is in effect. Please make sure that you don't do business with contractors who don’t have proper insurance coverage. When the contractor is not insured, they will not be responsible for accidents that occur at your place.

Avoid cash payments

Remember, never pay for the whole project before completion. Also, avoid cash, give a cheque or card to complete the payment process. Do pay one-third of the given cost as initial payments. In this way, you can have all the payment receipts.


The renovation of a home is a tall order, however, if you have the proper guidance, it can be done smoothly. Well, the above listed 8 tips will help you to pick out the right hdb renovation contractor for your project.

We hope it might help you to select the best one!

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