A Close Look at VPN Technology

A Close Look at VPN Technology

Nowadays, with the development in digital technology and the number of online streaming services, a VPN is in great demand. But most of us install VPN applications without understanding what a VPN is and how does it work?

A VPN is not just an application used to hide your identity and access banned websites in your country. It is an application used to secure your network and protect you from the perils of cyber crimes.

Let's understand in detail.

What is VPN Technology?

Most people install without understanding the VPN meaning, let's explain this. VPN is an acronym for the virtual private network. It is a service that creates a secure space for your device while connecting to the Internet.

Further, it allows you to snoop around the Internet without revealing your original identity with a safety net protecting your data transmission.

With the help of VPN services, you create an encrypted tunnel and avoid hackers and restrictions set by internet service providers and government agencies. A VPN reroutes your traffic and passes it through its network of servers.

VPN providers like VeePN, a top provider in the market, improve your Internet experience. Also, most VPNs offer a free trial.

Why Do We Need a VPN?

The chief aim of a VPN is to secure the network and hide all your online activities from hackers and other parties. It would be best if you always used a VPN on public networks to access the Internet.

Since it changes your IP address and virtually puts you in another part of the work, it unblocks several restrictions. For example, you can access stream content that might not be available in your country.

Using a VPN allows you to get a better deal through online shopping since companies increase the price range based on your search history and location.

3 Major Benefits of Using a VPN

Combined with increased online privacy and security, here are other reasons to force you to use a VPN for computers and mobile devices:

1. Stream Live Content

With a VPN, you can stream your live programs from anywhere without worrying about the restrictions available within the country.

It provides easy access to multiple online streaming applications like Netflix. Whether in the US or any other country, you can enjoy each country's content without restrictions.

2. Secured Use of Public Wi-Fi

When you visit another country or any other public spot, it is pretty natural to use the Wi-Fi offered by them. Public networks offer weak security protocols and invite hackers on the same network to snoop around your personal information.

3. Extra Security

Whether it is an online banking application or any other form, it is necessary to have extra security to avoid information leakage. Under such circumstances, a VPN service will allow you to protect your identity and prevent it from getting stolen.

Similarly, there are other uses for VPN secured online shopping, unlocking public websites, and getting better flight deals (why not?).

3 Main Types of VPN

When it comes to VPN, there are three different categories. Let's understand them one by one:

1. Remote Access VPN

The remote access VPN is the best option if you are searching for a VPN service for personal usage.

It creates a secured remote server that you can use to access multiple networks. It provides extreme security options through added encryptions and is the base for the other advanced VPN services in the market. They are easy to install and use.

2. The Intranet-based Site-to-site VPN

The chief aim of this design is to provide accessibility for global users. The internet-based VPN shares information between two points or branches with security.

For example, it is used when a company decides to connect with its branch in a different location to share information.

3. Extranet-based site-to-site VPN

The chief aim of the extranet-based VPN is to provide a secure connection between two different intranets with no possibility for Direct Access.

For example, it is used when two companies decide to combine for a short period to share information and other details.

Installing a VPN on your device

Installing a VPN is a simple process. It is a simple application that you can download from the website or through the application stores available on Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple App Store).

Most brands have VPN applications combined with a desktop plugin or Chrome extension for immediate access on the PC and mobile phones simultaneously.


So, this was all about the VPN technology and its benefits. Now you know how important a VPN's role is in your digital security.

Whether or not you need a VPN depends upon how you use the Internet. Many people access the Internet for simple tasks. But if you want the full power of the Internet while being safe and accessing blocked content, VPN is your friend.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you always used a VPN on a public network.

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