A Complete Guide for Selecting Best Crypto Exchanges in USA

Nothing is more bizarre for a new trader than to select the best crypto exchange in USA. Because of governmental reforms many popular crypto exchanges are restricted to offer their trading products and services in the region.

Here is a detailed guide that deconstructs what things you should consider before choosing a trading platform along with list of top US crypto exchanges.

Overview of Best Crypto Exchanges in USA

Crypto exchanges basically server as a platform for user to acquire, sell, and trade digital assets. With its increasing popularity of crypto trading, market makers are introducing various crypto exchanges in the market. This is making it confusing for the user to select a best suited platform for themselves.

Many crypto exchanges in USA cater to the basic needs of newbie traders however, when it comes to advanced mediums of trading like futures or derivatives, most of these platforms are still under process improvement and change. Exchanges in the US market are improving and iterating on their services to remain competitive and attract new users.

In this guide are highlighted some of the core characteristics that makes a good crypto exchange in USA. You will get a better understanding on how to choose a crypto exchange in USA that are ideal for your trading needs and scope.

What to Look for When Choosing a Crypto Exchange

No matter how well-reputed a crypto exchange is, you can not start trading on one on someone’s suggestion. As that exchange might do good for the referrer but may not align with your trading scope costing you a great share of your earnings. Therefore, there are some KPIs that you must consider when choosing a crypto exchange in USA. These benchmarks, or KPIs include geographical availability, ease of use, features offered, fee structure, and security.


History has taught a tough lesson to traders regarding security of their digital assets while trading. Thus, the most important factor and aspect in top US crypto exchange is its security. Whether the trading platform has a strong security detail to safeguard user funds from cyber criminals and systems failures. When searching for a crypto exchange always visit their official website and look for the security protocols that they have in place to ensure the safety of their user funds and transactions.

Availability in the Region

When you are choosing a crypto exchange in USA make sure that the exchange adheres to the regions governmental reforms and is regulated. As most of the market’s leading crypto exchanges to offer trading services in USA. Therefore, if you are a US resident than there are very selective platforms that are accessible in the region such as Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini, or Binance US. There is no point in looking up to the exchanges that are prohibited from serving within your jurisdiction.

Supported Crypto Assets

There are more than 15,000 and 11,400 digital assets available in the market, but the question is if they are supported by the exchange you are looking up to. The diversity of these digital coins and assets is a clear representation of how the market is evolving on a fast pace. As a crypto trader your first priority is to check if the exchange supports the asset you want to invest in or trade. Another thing that is important for you to consider is that preferred asset can be traded against a preferable asset including Bitcoin or Tether which are the two most popular base assets.

Trading fees

The next important factor for you to consider is the trading fee structure. Trading fee is basically an amount that the exchange charges the user for making a trade and depositing or depositing funds on the platform. This is the main income source of most exchanges in the market. You need to look for an exchange that has a competitive fee structure because you can lose most of your earnings at the hands of unnecessary trading fees.

Payment Gateways

One last but not the least aspect of a quality and credible crypto exchange is its payment gateways. You need to know if the exchange you want to start trading on either supports the payment method that aligns with your preferences. Thus, select the best crypto exchange in USA that has a wide selection of on and off-ramp payment methods.

List Of Top US Based Crypto Exchanges

· Binance US

· Coinbase


· Kraken

· Gemini

These are some of the leading US based crypto exchanges in the market that have never failed to amuse their users by delivering exceptional guest experience and trading products.

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