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A Day in the Life at an Assisted Living Community

A Day in the Life at an Assisted Living Community

Assisted living communities are there to help you take care of your loved ones when they can no longer remain at home. You’ll find comfort in the knowledge that they are in a safe and secure environment where they receive assistance all the time. They eat healthy balanced meals every day and engage in social activities that improve their overall well-being. If necessary, they also have access to medical care, and assisted living staff can easily arrange a car service for hospital visits.

What is life like in an assisted living facility?

Assisted living is a senior living option for individuals with different levels of personal and medical care needs. Many assisted living communities offer independent living, which is for seniors who are fully independent and well, supportive living, assisted living with the option to provide certain skilled care services and memory care.

Depending on the facility and personal preference, your senior loved one can choose between private one- and two-bedroom apartments and shared suites. In general, these spaces have a very homey feel and are designed to maintain independence among residents.

The typical day in an assisted living facility can vary. For example, some residents may prefer to eat their meals in the dining room during scheduled times, while others may eat at on-site cafes. Then, some prefer to prepare their own food using the kitchen in their private apartments. In assisted living, your loved one decides on what they want to do in a day. On the side, the community offers help when they need it.

All in all, staying in an assisted living facility is an ideal way for your senior loved ones to enjoy their retirement years while getting easy access to the care they need.

A Day in the Life at an Assisted Living Community

Since residents are independent, they can control their schedules. We’ll give you an overview of a day in the life of residents at an assisted living community.


Living in an assisted living community means that residents can go to bed and wake up whenever they want. Help is available to them whenever they need it, but they can plan their day around the community’s events and enjoy activities that interest them.

Upon waking, residents may be greeted by a nurse who checks on them and dispenses any morning medication or supplements. Medication management is a common service offered in assisted living to ensure your senior loved one takes their prescribed medicine on time.

If a resident needs assistance with personal care and hygiene, the staff will help. If they need help showering and dressing, the staff will be there. If they only need help dressing, the staff will wait outside while they shower.

When it comes to meals, residents can eat in the dining room with their neighbors during dining teams or arrange a car service to try local flavors at some top dining destinations in the area. Communities offer meal selections that are healthy, flavorful, and suit a resident’s special dietary needs, such as vegetarian or no-salt and no-sugar diet.


Structured activities are available in assisted living communities. Residents can join different events, such as a woodworking class or arts and crafts, swimming and fitness classes, hobby clubs, or tournaments like billiards and golf. All of these activities can help maintain good physical and mental health and improve social skills. With a wide range of activities and programs, residents can find one that they’ll genuinely enjoy doing.

Some families visit their loved ones around this time to participate in activities or share some refreshments with other residents. Shared spaces, such as courtyards, outdoor patio or dining, and sunrooms, are the perfect areas where families spend time with their loved ones.

While residents are out doing these activities, the staff get busy cleaning the residents’ private apartments. The staff change lines and do laundry. Also, during this time, residents who need a haircut, manicure and pedicure, massage, and other spa treatments pamper themselves at the on-site salon and spa center. If these services aren’t available inside the community, residents can schedule escort and car services to salons and shopping malls.


After dinner, there may be some activities scheduled for the day but assisted living communities are generally quiet at this time. Sometimes, the community will invite special guests for musical performances.

Residents also have the option to meet up and socialize with their neighbors. They can enjoy a glass of wine or beer in the living room while sharing stories, play card games in the game room, watch movies in the theater, or read a book in their private apartment. As most facilities have WiFi, residents can email, update their social media profiles, or Facetime their children and grandchildren as much as they want.

During bedtime, the care staff will once again be there to help if needed. Doors are locked after a certain hour, and security personnel may be in the area as an additional safety measure.

What is the difference between a nursing home and assisted living?

The main difference between an assisted living community and a nursing home is that the former provides personal care while the latter offers skilled medical care services. In addition, assisted living offers care in a home-like setting, while a nursing home offers care in a clinical setting.

Residents in nursing homes need around-the-clock monitoring and care. Thus, 24/7 skilled nurses are always on-site as most residents have chronic or debilitating medical conditions. Meanwhile, assisted living fosters independence, so residents receive care only when necessary. There are also many social activities in assisted living, while nursing homes have limited activities since many residents have physical limitations.

When it comes to costs, assisted living is more affordable than nursing homes. Assisted living costs approximately $4,000 per month, while nursing homes have a monthly fee of roughly $7,441.

What services are offered in assisted living communities?

There’s a broad range of services offered in assisted living, such as:

● Medication management to increase medication adherence to residents who take multiple medications

● Everyday nutritious meals prepared by chefs

● Housekeeping and maintenance service

● Personal care assistance

● Organized social activities

● Wellness programs

● Transportation and escort service, including assistance with scheduling doctor’s appointments

● Incontinence care

● Some medical services

How do you know what services your senior loved one needs?

The first thing you should do before even looking for assisted living communities is to talk with your physician about your loved one’s health condition to determine the level of the care needs. You can ask these questions:

● What activities of daily living does your senior loved one need help with?

● Is it the right time for your senior loved one to move into assisted living?

● How frequently do they need help?

Taking the time to determine what services are needed will help ease your senior loved one’s transition to assisted living.


A typical day in an assisted living isn’t always full of laughs. There may be some hiccups from time to time, such as misunderstandings with a fellow resident. But rest assured, the staff are always there to solve whatever concerns your loved one has.

Living in an assisted living community has enormous benefits for you, as an adult child, and your senior loved one. You just have to find the right community with caring staff who place the residents’ welfare above themselves. Hopefully, you’ve gained some insight into what residents in assisted living do in a day to enjoy their golden years.

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