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Moldavite is a naturally occurring green-colored glass crystal that has been highly sought by various gemologists from long back in time. It is a form of tektite which has composites of silica in it. The history of the stone is as fascinating as itself. It is a by-product of the collision of a large meteor with the earth around 15 million years ago and is very rare. It is only found in Eastern Europe in the Czech Republic. Because the stone actually fell from the stars and there is a limitation to the availability of this gem, it has become a precious crystal and is highly famed when used to create bewitching Moldavite Jewelry.

Moldavite Metaphysical Properties

Moldavite Meaning has been associated with fortune, protection, and transformation of the life of the wearer. The gem is itself a result of high cosmic powers and definitely has magnificent powers and sublimed in it. It has an extremely high vibrational frequency and one might even experience certain vibrations just by placing it in their hand for the first time.

If you are not used to high vibrations, this crystal might make you a little drain for some time. Its powers and effects can be felt immediately by anyone. One might need a certain time to get used to its energy but when you have made peace with its energies, it can take you to places you never could have imagined of. Keeping a Moldavite Pendant close to your heart and throat allows its vibrations to directly enter your body and can improve your relationships with your loved ones.

Impact On The Chakras

Moldavite being green in color connects really well with both the heart chakra and also the third-eye chakra. Harmonizing heart chakra with other chakras will help in effectively building good relationships with your loved ones and will protect you from anything that is not made for you. The third-eye chakra allows you to connect with yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Opening the third eye chakra is really good for those who want to be artistic as it helps with generating new ideas, visions, and being creative in the true sense.

It is also used in various healing therapies to remove any emotional blockages from within. If you are struggling with your feelings and want to cope fast with them, the energy of this gem will definitely help you.  It helps in relieving anxiety, stress, and long-held pain. By removing all the toxic traits from your body, it promotes a feeling of happiness, motivation, and a sense of security. It enhances a feeling of satisfaction in being self.

Moldavite and Zodiac Signs

This crystal has the innate property to connect with the people born in springtime. It is a birthstone for the people born during spring. This means that the vibrations emitted by this gem are highly experienced by these people. The intensity of all the healing powers of this gem increases when it is worn by the people born during that time. Also, it is connected with all the zodiac signs perfectly. There is no one such sign that it is especially associated with. You can check out these brands’ websites or make an order via their online stores to pick printed T Shirts in a variety of designs. Another brand that is popular for manufacturing Printed T Shirts for men is Represent.

All these properties make it special and perfect to actually include this in life.

A Color to Desire

The forest green color in your Moldavite represents the environment and is itself related to nature and keeps the wearer grounded to its roots. The protective powers of it amplify the growth of the wearer and ensure great physical and spiritual development. The grounding effect helps you remain down to earth. The feeling of freshness and growth is released and helps an individual to attain a new level of freshness and calmness into his life.

Moldavite Ring - Rananjay Exports

The green color in your crystal represents fertility and new life, when the power of green is combined with the powers of your stone, it can bring an abundance of happiness and prosperity to your life. Wearing a Moldavite Ring can intensify the vibrations of the stone and allow it to directly enter your body because of the direct contact with your skin.

Tantalizing Jewelry

Moldavite Jewelry is as stupendous as its appearance and has remarkable impressions on the lives of those who wear it in the form of jewelry and also on those who stare one gaze upon it. Moldavite Necklaces are used to create the most astonishing pieces of statement jewelry and are themselves capable enough to make the hearts throb. These jewelry pieces are loved by many and add a funky look to your outfit for a long time. It requires professional artisans to carve Raw Moldavite Crystals into heart-robbing jewelry designs. Proper cut and clarity play an important role in deciding its demand and pricing.

For those who are fascinated with the history and background of the crystals they are wearing and want a fairy-tale attached to it, this is the perfect choice for you as it literally fell from the universe for you.

How To Activate Your Gem?

The best vibrations of the stone are attained when you properly charge your stone from time to time. It is important to eliminate all the negative vibrations absorbed by the crystal and again fill it with positivity to ensure that it works really well for you. To activate your stone you need to cleanse, energize, and program it with the intention of what you really want the crystal to do for you.

Cleanse – You can cleanse it either by running it under water or keeping it out for some time in the moonlight. This will release all the negative energy absorbed and it will be ready again to get energized.

Energize – since, it is a stone from the natural world, simply connecting the balance between the crystal and nature will help to energize it. You can meditate with it or can simply keep it on the ground in natural surroundings.

Program – In this step, it is important that you program the stone with the intent of what you actually want it to do. Be clear with what you visualize with it and gently ask it what you want from it.

These steps will ensure that now your crystal is activated and charged up again to effectively do wonders for you. The energy of your crystal is vibrated at a certain level. You can use Moldavite crystal to enhance or intensify the vibrations of your other crystals as well. It can pair up with their vibrations and can help you to experience a different level of benefits.

Identifying Real Moldavite

With the increasing demand for Moldavite in the market, there is also an increase in fake counterfeits of it as well. Thus, it is suggested if you do not have prior experience in the identification of genuine Moldavite Crystal, you should purchase it only from a trusted source. Here’s a few pointers guide to help you with the process.

The real crystal has certain bubbles and wavy textures on the inside of its surface. When looking through a microscope you will clearly see the pattern inside which is the mark of its originality. There is a fake variant that goes by the name “African Moldavite” which is more shiny and clear in appearance. It can be easily identified and distinguished from the real ones. They generally have a bright green color and perfectly appearing look-through clarity.

When a genuine Moldavite crystal is cut or polished, its wavy texture and bubbles inside are more visible properly. The fake ones will appear way too glossy and transparent. In order to provide that shine and imitate the real crystal, these fake glass pieces go through various treatments.

There is some sort of variation in color in the real ones as they are formed in the most natural environment. While in the fake ones they will have uniformity in color.

Long-Lasting thoughts on Moldavite

Moldavite crystal is really a magical stone that the universe sent to protect us from unknowing dangers and has stunning properties embedded in it. It is a gem for those who want to achieve a lot in a short span of time and can actually pace up with the powerful energies that it provides to the wearer. In case you are wondering where to actually purchase Genuine Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry, the suggestion is Rananjay Exports as they offer a wide variety of genuine gemstones jewelry with splendid quality.

It is an online-based platform and provides only high-quality gemstones to you. Another benefit you get is that they are a Wholesale Manufacturer and supplier of the jewelry which provides you with purchasing the jewelry at a very reasonable cost. Also, they provide additional benefits when purchased in bulk.

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