An Agate a Day Keeps the Negativity at Bay

Agate is a wonder stone known for its protective properties and extraordinary eye-catching distinct features. Agate gets its name from its history, where it was first found in the Achates River in Sicily.

It is generally found in volcanic rocks and has distinctive amusing patterns over it. It is known worldwide to have certain grounding powers and helps you relate yourself to nature and to feel balanced and centered.

This rock is generally identified easily because of its stripe-like bands. It is found in many patterns and varied colors that are uniquely beautiful and extremely useful. One such beautiful variant of agate is – Agate Black.

As Black as Coal

Black Agate gemstones generally have recognizable banding patterns and layers that add value to the beauty of the stone and make it the most charismatic out of all agate gemstones. In addition, it is fairly priced to add to your collection and has various healing properties.

The color of the layers inside the stone is generally a combination of black and dark grey or black and dark brown color. It is associated with the fact of protecting the wearer, just like any other black gemstone.

What Makes Black Agate So Different?

Black agate is a form of chalcedony, a form of Quartz crystal. While holding the stone, it first appears to be solid rock, but when held right in the presence of the light, one can see that it's actually translucent.

It is found worldwide, with the biggest mines in Brazil, Mexico, The United States, Uruguay, and Madagascar.

Each stone is different from the others in various shapes and sizes. Thus, all the jewelry designs are handmade to give you the perfect fit!

If we judge the black agate based on hardness, it comes with a rating of 7, making it suitable for all types of jewelry. Moreover, it provides the wearer with protection and calmness during the hard times of life.

Significance of Color Black

The black color in your Agate signifies protection – from evil and negative energies and helps to keep them at bay. According to color psychology, the Black color symbolizes elegance, power, and control and enables you to stand out from the crowd. It is a stone of pure ink. It can help those going through bereavement or grief.

Black agate has dark stripes and is a natural wonder. The various beautiful different stripes in your agate are as unique as you. Other types of agate have slightly different atomic structures, giving them different shades, patterns, or colors.

Perks of Wearing a Black Agate

Have you ever heard about a stone that keeps you ahead in not just only fashion but also helps you mentally and physically to get ahead in your life? Yes, you heard it right!!!

Here are a few facts that come in handy when you choose to include this stone in your life.

Black agate protects its wearer from external energy evils, physical discomforts, and internal imbalances. The stone is considered a balancing stone that helps the wearer increase self-esteem and courage. It brings more energy, peace, and calm to live.

This stone symbolizes elegance and allows the wearer with increased self-esteem and courage. It drives away fear, grief, and uncertainty from life and helps in legal matters as well.

So keep your black agate close to you while facing difficulties in life.

The Chakra

Black agate is associated with the root chakra and helps cleanse the body from negative energy, allowing you to prosper. In addition, the stone's unique power enables you to connect with the earth. It thus allows your body to cope with diseases, headaches, heal your pancreas, eyes, uterus, and skin problems.

If you continuously deal with emotional imbalances, black agate is the stone for you!

How to Protect your Black Agate?

Black Agate is a stone that is on level 7 in terms of hardness and can take some knocks. However, irrespective of this fact, it still needs your care and specific protective measures to maintain its bling!

Here are a few tips to ensure that your stone doesn't lose its shine with time.

1. Clean it gently with some hand soap under running warm water. Then wipe it off nicely with a soft cloth.

2. Avoid direct contact with perfume or other chemicals and body lotions. Make sure you wear it once you are finished using all these products.

3. Please don't leave the stone for too long in direct sunlight, as it will alter the stone's color.

Styling your Black Agate: Get the Attention you deserve!!!

Styling black agate is really cool as the stone's color really goes well with all kinds of outfits and even enhances your overall look. It is generally paired up with silver so that its uniqueness is maintained and the beauty of the stone comes out neatly.

You can wear this mesmerizing stone in the form of a Black Agate Ring, Black Agate Bracelet, Black Agate Pendant, and Black Agate Necklace.

Identifying the Real Agate

While identifying real agate, specific properties need to be kept in mind, like its color, texture, and the level of the hardness of the stone. The high-quality Black Agate generally has level 7 hardness suitable for making every kind of jewelry.

Once a high-quality stone is identified, it goes through strict and advanced production technology to enhance the surface brightness of the stone. People generally see agate to be finely polished and consider this an essential quality while purchasing. It is because clarity is vital in making out and identifying real Black Agate Gemstone.

Why Rananjay Exports

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