Angular vs. AngularJS - Know the Key Differences

Did you know Angular and AngularJS is the second most used technology in frameworks, libraries and other technologies? Besides the unprecedented popularity of these frameworks, another topic of discussion is how they are different from each other.

If you’re a beginner, there is a high chance you might be confused between Angular and AngularJS. Right? But remember, these frameworks are quite dissimilar. Here we have discussed this topic in-depth to give you more clarity about these frameworks in a much better way. Not only this, but we have also covered how these frameworks can help you in your next project.

So, let’s delve into this topic without further ado.

Before we discuss the difference between Angular and AngularJS, let’s learn more about what they are.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source front-end framework developed by the tech-giant Google and was first released for public use in September 2016. This framework uses the TypeScript programming language that eliminates unnecessary codes and helps in building lighter and faster app solutions. On top of that, it is also modular in nature. It means you can divide the whole application into small modules having different functionality. Angular offers two-way data binding that gives a reason to a user to say yes to Angular development services.

Angular’s base version is Version 2, whereas the current edition is Version 12 or Angular 12. If you want to develop a modern and powerful web app having a user-friendly design, Angular is the ideal framework to choose for your project.

What is AngularJS?

Also developed by Google and introduced in 2010, AngularJS is an open-source Javascript based framework that is also suitable for front-end development. AngularJS facilitates single-page applications development, and this is what differentiates it from Angular. Do you know an interesting thing about AngularJS? It is the first version of Angular. Let’s make it simple for you. All the 1.XX versions are Angular 1 and belong to AngularJS, whereas version 2 are known as Angular.

AngularJS is created using JavaScript. There’s no use of TypeScript, making it a different framework from Angular. AngularJS is nowadays highly used in creating modern and dynamic web applications and websites. Just like Angular, AngularJS also sticks with MVC architecture that enables an AngularJS developer to build something impressive, fast and user-friendly.

How Angular is Different from AngularJS?

Programmers and web developers across the globe highly use Angular, and AngularJS. But it is vital to be cognizant of how they are different from each other. Well, we have discussed this topic in-depth below.

Below, we have covered the key points highlighting how Angular and AngularJS are different.

  1. Architecture

AngularJS supports the Model View Controller architecture or MVC. In such a case, you only have the business logic in the Model and desired output in the Controller, and Angular will accomplish the rest of the processing to deliver the desired output. Such model pipelines are automatically generated by AngularJS.

On the other hand, Angular is built with components and directives that give a dynamic and modern structure to your applications. Such a modern architecture enables Angular developers to build larger applications.

2. Supported Languages

Another factor that differentiates Angular and AngularJS is supported languages. Yes. Talking about Angular, it provides support for both TypeScripts and JavaScript. On the other hand, AngularJS supports only JavaScript.

3. Difficulty Level

Learning Angular is not easy as it involves a number of rules that are crucial to follow for front-end development. In simple words, you can build a great application if you have strong expertise in the Angular framework. Yes, it requires strong skills and expertise in the field. On the other hand, learning AngularJS is not as tricky as Angular.

4. Expression Syntax

The expression syntax of Angular, especially when dealing with data binding, is easier than AngularJS. But how? Well, in the case of AngularJS, a developer has to remember using the correcting directive for binding a property or an event. Whereas, in the case of Angular, you only have to use [] for property binding and () for event binding.

5. Dependency Injection (DI)

Although both Angular and AngularJS use DI or Dependency Injection, the way they do it is entirely different. Angular uses a hierarchical dependency injection system with the help of declarations, providers and construction functions. Such Angular DI enhances the application performance. On the other hand, AngularJS DI is injected into the directives, link functions and controller functions definitions.

6. CLI (Command-line Interface)

Angular comes with the CLI (Command-Line Interface) tool that further helps a developer generate and manage components, services, etc. and even entire projects from the command line very efficiently. Angular’s CLI tool allows you to create different versions of the same project for distinct platforms. AngularJS doesn’t have a CLI tool.

7. SEO Support

SEO has emerged as the core strategy to reach a wider audience. The good news is that Angular supports SEO. It offers the required elements that make a web application crawlable for different search engines. AngularJS doesn’t have any element that can make your application SEO-friendly.

8. Mobile Support

The last on our list is mobile support. AngularJS does not offer mobile development support, which gives a reason for many users to rethink choosing this framework. After all, today, the majority of the global population own smartphones. Angular offers complete mobile support.


Angular and AngularJS are the most used frameworks nowadays. Developers highly appreciate the features and ease these frameworks provide. But at the same time, it is crucial to understand how they are different to enjoy most of these frameworks. This blog has rounded up everything that can highlight their key differences.

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