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What are the difference between metallic and non metallic aodd pump

What are the difference between metallic and non metallic aodd pump

It’s your activity to maintain plant personnel secure and make certain the operation runs as easily as possible. That may be a hard challenge with such a lot of transferring components to account for. The ultimate aspect you have to need to fear approximately is a chemical leaking from a pump, inflicting a protection hazard, or a pump failure shutting down the complete manufacturing line.
If you figure in plant operations, there’s a very good hazard you know that air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are an first rate preference for commercial packages because of their versatility, durability, and reliability, and that in relation to pump selection, it’s essential to make certain you constantly specify the proper AODD pump for the proper utility.
The first attention to your proper pump/proper utility concept technique have to be the cloth the pump is made of. You have  alternatives at the moist side: steel or non-steel. Within every of these cloth categories, there’s a extensive variety of pumps to be had to fit your requirements.
The maximum critical issue is choosing a pump that’s chemically well matched with the cloth you’re transferring. Always discuss with your pump manufacturer’s chemical compatibility guide, or Chem Guide. It’s additionally beneficial to speak about your alternatives together along with your nearby pump distributor or the manufacturer’s utility specialist.

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Aodd pump

Before know about metallic and non metallic aodd pump first know about aodd pump. AODD pumps(additionally referred to as Air operated diaphragms pumps, pneumatic diaphragm pumps, AODD pumps, AOD pumps) are used for countless programs in mining, commercial and standard plant service. Powered simplest via way of means of compressed air, they may be particularly used wherein energy isn’t available, or in explosive or flammable areas. AODD pumps are a kind of reciprocating diaphragm pump which includes diaphragms pushed via way of means of compressed air. Air phase with travel valve applies air alternately to the 2 diaphragms, every diaphragm has a hard and fast of check/ball valves.

Metallic Aodd pump:

Metallic pumps are to be had in clamped or bolted production and are recognised for being rugged and durable. For that reason, they're generally used withinside the oil and fueloline and chemical industries. Metallic pumps are to be had in stainless steel, Alloy C, aluminum, and forged iron options. Metallic AODD pumps are best for transferring abrasive substances and slurries, way to their robust, abrasion-resistant castings. Plant employees additionally can also additionally select steel pumps while the pump calls for grounding due to the fact steel pumps are ATEX-compliant and designed to be used in probably explosive applications. They’re additionally highest quality for outside use due to the fact they aren’t as touchy to temperatures like non-steel pumps can also additionally be, and that they aren’t tormented by UV radiation.
Metal is likewise the selection for high-stress AODD pumps. High-stress pumps are utilized in industries in which pressures better than one hundred twenty five psi are needed, consisting of lengthy runs of piping in mining applications.

Non metallic aodd pump:

Non-metal AODD pumps, which are available in sturdy, bolted construction, provide a wide variety of chemical compatibility. They are lightweight, making them portable, and are generally greater cost-powerful than metal pumps. Non-metal AODD pumps are constituted of polypropylene, conductive polypropylene, conductive PVDF, and PVDF Kynar. They are utilized in a large number of markets, which includes the chemical industry, water treatment, car service, inks and adhesives, and lots of greater.
Although non-metal AODD pumps can be used outdoors, they're greater prone to harm if freezing occurs, running higher interior or in managed environments. Additionally, they're now no longer UV-stabilized, which means the cloth may be negatively impacted through ultraviolet radiation. It's higher if they’re now no longer uncovered to direct solar for prolonged periods. Plus, ATEX-compliant, groundable pumps are to be had in numerous non-metal conductive materials.
Now that you’ve examine our evaluation of steel and non-steel AODD pumps, you may recollect different vital elements in choosing the proper AODD pump to your application, consisting of whether or not to apply a flap valve or a ball valve pump.

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