Artificial Grass Or Synthetic Grass Dealer & Wholesaler In Delhi

Artificial Grass OR Synthetic Grass
Dealer & Wholesaler In Delhi

Artificial Grass Or Synthetic Grass Dealer & Wholesaler In Delhi

Fine surface is one of the Artificial Grass Or Synthetic Grass Dealer & Wholesaler In Delhi they are into this industry from last more than 15 years under heavy use, including daily rough-and-tumble sports. Their goal is to provide maintenance-free, Attractive designed suitable for all synthetic grass. We are committed to customer satisfaction. We intend to free our customers from Backbreaking moving, seeding, watering, and other tasks.


We thrive to excel in our expertise so that our customers spend more time enjoying their garden and less time maintaining & worrying about it. Our focus mostly is on the quality of the product & service we provide. Our one artificial grass pitch has the same capacity as three natural grass pitches

Address: C-408, Jaswanti Allied Business Centre,
Kanchpada, Malad West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400064.

Contact: 9029912100.

Email Id: [email protected]

FyneSurface was established long back and launched its first product i.e. artificial grass in Delhi. Today, it is known as India’s largest sports infrastructure company. It was created for the sole reason of promoting outdoor sports in an indoor, mini-environment allowing for a quick, cardio exercise for all age groups.

For over 30 years of supply at the very top end of the artificial or synthetic grass market, FyneSurfaces has transformed the place in which we live, work and celebrate. As the nation’s leading Decor Company, we have a passion for staying abreast of the latest trends and providing quality products that are not only beautiful, modern, authentic but value for money.

Choose from our wide range of elegant and contemporary florals to stylish bonsai’s, plants and trees and exclusive range of vases having the finest quality and style. Our artificial grass and vertical solutions allow you to cheerfully add greenery to beautify any space – commercial and residential and are a great way to improve the aesthetics of locations with minimum changes to the existing settings. Simple to maintain, yet it will look spectacular for years to come. We are one of the best Artificial or Synthetic Grass wholesaler & Dealer in Delhi.

The company has grown exponentially with bookings occupied on almost all the slots during both weekends and weekdays. We have now become a reputed brand and have managed to branch out to more premium malls, commercial properties, and educational facilities. We aspire to boost a plethora of indoor sports by continuing to provide high-end international facilities. The company wishes to expand on its success by attracting major sponsors to host tournaments that have the potential to reach out to national and international level and broadcast games.

FyneSurface has an efficient team that constantly tries to evolve and keep pace with the growing demands without making any compromises on the quality. In the current scenario, most of the corporate and residential prefer artificial flowers to elevate the aesthetics of their interiors. Moreover, artificial plants and flowers being relatively maintenance-free as compared to real plants, their beauty and arrangements remain intact year-round. This ‘close to eternity’ lifetime of the close to nature’ flowers has been pinpointed as the ultimate reason.

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