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How To Become A Salesforce Consulting Partner

How To Become A Salesforce Consulting Partner

Salesforce is a fairly vast platform with multiple tools, features, apps, add-ons, and components that serve specific purposes. No matter how successful an organization is, it would always require some consultation when it comes to using Salesforce in an optimum manner.

This is why a Salesforce consulting partner is important for the organization in particular and the Salesforce community as a whole.

Who Is A Salesforce Consulting Partner?

As the name suggests, a Salesforce consulting partner is an individual or an organization that helps Salesforce users in making the most of their Salesforce org. They have knowledge of the nitty-gritty details of the platform and help users in their Salesforce journey, right from ideation to implementation.

The aim of providing Salesforce consulting services is to help organizations and their teams understand the tools and features provided by Salesforce, resolving their problems, and guide them every step of the way to ensure that they achieve their desired objectives.

A Salesforce consultant is responsible for re-skilling professionals, aid in user adoption, and making Salesforce users stay in sync with the latest updates. Their contribution helps the Salesforce community to grow and bring about a difference in the CRM industry around the world.

You can become a Salesforce partner by joining the Salesforce Consulting Program and availing yourself of the expertise required to become a Salesforce consultant. The program provides the individuals/organizations with valuable insights about Salesforce products, industries where they are applicable, and the system integration abilities of the CRM platform.

The Consulting Partner Program by Salesforce is structured based on the partners’ contribution towards making use of their expertise in helping Salesforce users utilize the CRM platform. There are three consulting partner tiers based on every partner’s Trailblazer score and their contribution in three areas – Customer Success, Innovation, and Engagement.

Salesforce is a customer-centric platform and was designed to help businesses provide personalized services to their customers. A Salesforce consultant is responsible for helping the users cater to their customers by keeping a track of their buying journeys and managing their customer database in an effective manner.

The second important criterion is that of innovation. A Salesforce consultant is required to come up with innovative ideas and strategies to design the best solutions for their clients and help them solve their problems in the most creative way possible.

Finally, a Salesforce consultant is required to engage with the marketing and sales teams of an organization and grow their network to make more organizations avail of the services provided by Salesforce.

How To Become A Salesforce Consulting Partner?

The process of becoming a Salesforce consulting partner is pretty straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow for the same:

1. Visit The Salesforce Consulting Partner Portal

First, visit the Salesforce Consulting Partner Portal by clicking here. Read the scope and structure of the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program and click on “Sign Up” to continue.

2. Submit An Application

Now, you are required to submit an application asking the community to allow you to become a Salesforce partner.

3. Fill A Questionnaire

You will now be required to fill a DDQ (due diligence questionnaire) and the Entity at a Glance packet through the Salesforce Partner Community.

4. Partner Operations Review

Your application will then be reviewed by the Partner Operations team for coming to a suitable decision.

5. Legal Review

Once approved by the Partner Operations team, your application will go through a review by a dedicated legal team.

6. Final Activation

After your application is approved by the legal team, your partnership will be activated and you would officially get on board as a Salesforce consulting partner.

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