5 Reasons to Join Online IAS Coaching

In this global village, when everything was available in a small room, and opportunities opened every door, so was with the students or candidates of Online IAS coaching. Most of the institutes got online, and made their accessibility online, video lectures and every facility so that students should get advantage of everything sitting in their own comfort zone and will be able to make use of the resources. Consequently, clear the exam and do their dream job.

The main reasons to go for online coaching are-

  1. Cost effective- Avoiding the cost of petrol and other things, these classes are eco-friendly and even have pocket-friendly fees. As it gets easy for the tutor to take classes from home, it becomes feasible for both the student and tutor to take a class. Trend of demo classes online makes it easy for students to make the best choice and go for the best institute. Hence, they pay fees after taking video lectures from two to three institutes.
  2. Flexible timings- The candidates who are studying or who are doing jobs, find it difficult to take out time to go for classes and attend. While, with these online classes and recorded lectures, it gets more comfortable for the IAS aspirants to prepare at that time which is suitable and to work more hard when they get time,  secondly, they are able to manage the time and study on a regular basis.
  3. Great resources for current affairs- With availability of everything online, students can access current affairs online, with availability of great resources, it is not difficult to pick the best out of these and study accordingly. While current affairs are there, they can go through these without even bothering to buy it or not. Simply scroll and they will get the accessibility.
  4. Comfortable self-study platform- Sitting in your comfort zone, attending the classes and without any botheration of being late or not. All one needs is a good internet connection and a speed to listen to the video lectures and secondly, notes or study material is available, that in turn will help them in doing a quality of education.
  5. Excellent online test series- The institutes have made the test series, the practice test series online, that in return help the students to check the knowledge level and work hard accordingly. With mock tests and mock interviews, students retain the confidence of doing better and eventually perform better in exams, thereafter the interview once selected. These test series play a vital role in boosting their confidence therefore moving towards a positive attitude.


The main reasons to opt for online mode are discussed above. Although for many, technology is just a phobia they are scared of using it, still it has proved to be an essential part of our lives, without which it is impossible to survive. If this phobia is turned to a habit, then the perks have no limits  and success is very near. So, just consider the important factors of online coaching and then decide.

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