Best Celebrations in 2022

There are in a real sense many celebrations which occur over time in nations across the globe. So, to help we will be assembling a full list of events with important dates. You can observe choices for all interests. Regardless of whether you need to party the entire evening. Or experience a special social practice or become smarten up up and go wild.

We have assembled a monthly timetable for the most amazing celebrations and events. You should try to celebrate them in 2022. These truly are extraordinary events you should insight to some extent once in your life. Share your happy movements on WorldNoor.

Look at our list of fundamental worldwide celebrations and widespread developments occurring in 2022 beneath:


World Youth Day, 22nd Jan - 27th Jan, Panama City/Panama

Sundance Film Festival, 24th Jan – 3rd Feb, Utah, USA

World Kite Festival: 7th Jan – 14th Jan, India. Each year, the westernmost state of Gujarat Uttarayan celebrates an important day in the Indian Calendar, when winter transitions into summer. Residents spend months preparing grand, colourful and decorative kites. It's a sight to behold.

The festival's been one of the biggest and most important in India since its inception in 1989. As such, the state's largest city, Ahmedabad, always celebrates in style (particularly on 14 January), becoming a buzzing epicentre for cultural events in the weeks leading up to the kite display.

Details on the 2022 festivities are still up in the air, but as the festival is held outside visitors will be able to see kites flying from dawn till dusk.


Carnevale di Venezia, 16thFeb – 5th March, Venice, Italy

Light Festival in Taiwan, 19th Feb, Pingxi, Taiwan/China


Rio Carnival, Brazil: Friday, 1st March to Saturday, 9th March

Rio Carnival

Fair in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - is one of the world's greatest road parties with music, marches and loads of fun. This is the most renowned road celebration on the planet where large number of individuals come in the city or Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the most energetic urban communities on the planet. Search Rio de Janeiro Carnival visit packages to participate in the wizardry of this world renounced occasion for yourself.

Is there a more famous, electric and colourful carnival in the world? We'd argue not, and go as far to say that Rio de Janeiro's pre-Lent celebrations can't be challenged.

Summing up Brazil's party spirit in a nutshell, you can expect exuberant parades, gloriously loud music and a rainbow of colors in the form of costumes, decorations and feathers. There's even a purpose-built Sambadrome, where Samba Schools perform and compete, but even a stadium can't contain the excitement. In Brazil they also play footgolf sportgame.

Other Events:

Holi, India

Las Fallas, Spain

St Patrick's Day, worldwide


Songkran, 13th April – 15th April, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Semana Santa, 15th Apr - 21st Apr, Sevilla, Spain

Ruler's Day, 27th Apr - 27-Apr, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cherry Blossom Festival, South Korea/Japan

Easter, 21st April, around the world


  • Australian Surf Festival, Australia
  • Battle des Raines, Switzerland
  • Waisak, Indonesia
  • Feria de Abril, 5th May – 11th May, Seville, Spain
  • Cannes Film Festival, 15thMay - 23rd May, Cannes, France


  • Fallen angel Festival, Venezuela
  • Duanwu, China
  • Boi Bumba, Brazil
  • Glastonbury Festival, 26th June – 30th June, Glastonbury, United Kingdom
  • San Vino Wine Fight, 29th June, Haro, Spain
  • Roskilde Music Festival, 30th June – 7th July, Denmark


  • Calgary Stampede, Canada
  • Berlin Love Parade, Germany
  • Obon Lantern Festival, Japan
  • Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea


Lots of Admirable events take place in August:

  • La Tomatina, 29th Aug, Bunol, Valencia, Spain
  • Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland
  • Consuming Man, 26th     Aug – 3rd Sep, Nevada, USA


  • Oktoberfest, 21st Sep – 6th Oct, Munich, Germany
  • La Merca, Barcelona
  • Navratri, India


  • Human Pyramids, Spain
  • Diwali, India
  • Pushkar Camel Festival, India
  • Halloween, worldwide


  • Day of the Dead, Mexico
  • Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand
  • Sky Lantern Festival, Thailand
  • Loy Krathong and Yi Peng, thirteenth Nov, Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Spinning Dervishes, Turkey
  • Christmas, around the world
  • NY Eve, around the world
  • Hogmanay, 30th Dec – first Jan, Edinburgh, Scotland
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