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Best College For BSC Nursing Courses

Best College For BSC Nursing Courses

Applicants must have successfully completed their 10+2 exams with a recognised board and be from the Science stream, with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as required courses. Admission to the BSc Nursing programme in 2022 is based on merit or placement tests. Colleges, such as Delhi University, award admission based on their Class 12 grades or similar evaluations, whereas select colleges, like JIPMER, BHU, AIIMS, and others, need a placement test to offer admission to the BSc Nursing programme.

1. AIG Academy: BSc in Nursing is a four-year college course that focuses on providing clinical students with detailed nursing information. Get the best BSc nursing courses with them. To know more about BSc nursing contact them now. The BSc Nursing Eligibility criteria are met by understudies who have completed class 12 with Biology as a subject or who have completed a Diploma in Nursing. NEET is the entrance exam for BSc Nursing. The MNS Nursing test is used to award admission to the Indian Army for Bsc Nursing. After completing the responsibilities, the normal BSc Nursing remuneration ranges from INR 2.5 to 8 LPA. An enlisted nurse with less than a year of service typically begins their career with a yearly remuneration package of INR 2,33,151.

Site : https://aigedu.org/

phone Number : +91 7400058878

2. ETS Academy : ETS Academy  is the top instructional hub, and all of the staff members have more experience and genuine field work expertise. Our understudies become acquainted with the instructional classes in a practical manner in order to obtain employment following the completion of the course. Contact them to get details about BSc nursing fees. You can get the best post basic BSc nursing with them. Our educational approach is designed to provide preparation programmes based on the goals of the understudy. Our method for dealing with each preparation programme is well-organized and proven, assisting each understudy in achieving their aim. We give our understudies extra practice and workout in order to better prepare their insight.

Site : https://www.ets-edu.com/

phone Number : +91 9819633619

3. BAG College: The Indian Nursing Council recognises it as a four-year institution. It's a mind-blowing employment decision for individuals who want to improve their potential outcomes by taking higher exams. To know about post BSc nursing and bsc nursing subjects contact them now. The institution is committed to meeting changing financial needs while emphasizing human characteristics and conscious social responsibility, as well as achieving greatness through "Quality in Every Activity" through professional and expert courses.

Telephone Number : +91 9892222877

4. K.J. Somaiya School and College of Nursing: The K J Somaiya Medical Trust claims and manages a Medical School, Hospital, and Research Center in Ayurvihar, Mumbai. It is a medical care organization dedicated to laying out essential offices to deliver high-quality medical care in accordance with international standards. One of the administration's goals was to improve medical services, thus it established a nursing school to train and prepare nursing experts dedicated to patient care. To get information about the BSc nursing course duration contact them now. The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, is affiliated with the school of nursing, which was established in 2011. You can easily get the adult nursing degree with them. The school's outstanding purpose is to provide understudies with the highest quality of information in order for them to develop effectively and practically.

site : https://nursing.somaiya.edu.in/

Telephone Number : +91 22 2102 2400

5. Leelabai Thackersey College of Nursing: Located in Churchgate, Mumbai, Leelabai Thackersey College of Nursing is a well-known school in Maharashtra. It is one of the most prestigious medical and health science colleges in the country. It is located in the Maharashtra state of India. The Leelabai Thackersey College of Nursing in Mumbai's Churchgate is a private institution. This structure displays two courses. UG and PG courses are included in the course classification. There are a total of two courses in Medicine and Health Sciences. A B.Sc. (Nursing) is the most common course taught in graduate studies. A M.Sc. (Nursing) is the main course taught for Post Graduate exams. Your search for the best BSc nursing colleges near me ends here. Get details of BSc nursing duration with them.

site : https://sndt.ac.in/

Telephone Number : 022-2203 1879

6. Holy Spirit Institute of Nursing Education : As followers of Christ, we the missionaries sisters servants of the Holy Spirit, came "so all may have life and have it to the full." From conception to death, we protect and foster respect for life. To get BSc nursing course details contact them now. The institute aims to promote students' overall development, with a focus on helping them become intellectually enlightened, socially committed, emotionally balanced, spiritually inspired, and morally upright nurses who can contribute their full potential to the upliftment of society and be effective change agents in today's fast-changing society. We think that educating a girl educates her entire family and community.

site : https://www.holyspiritcollegeofnursing.org/

Telephone Number : 022-28242774

7. P.D. Hinduja College of Nursing: Prepares graduates to work as professional, competent nurses and midwives at the entry level in promoting, preventing, curing, and rehabilitating patients. Prepare nurses to make independent judgments in nursing circumstances, protect the rights of individuals and groups seeking health, work in hospitals and community nursing settings, and undertake research studies in nursing practice areas. In a clinical or public health setting, they are also required to take on the roles of instructor, supervisor, and manager. In delivering nursing care to individuals, families, and communities, apply information from physical, biological, and behavioral sciences, medicine, including alternative systems, and nursing. Demonstrate an awareness of how one's lifestyle and other circumstances affect one's or a group's health. Assist with nursing. In conjunction with individuals and groups, provide nursing care based on nursing process phases. In order to give quality care, demonstrate critical thinking skills when making decisions in all scenarios. Contact them to know about BSc nursing qualification.

website : https://www.hindujahospital.com/
phone Number : 022 24232347

8. Holy Family Institute of Nursing Education: HFINE is a unit of Holy Family Hospital, Bandra,Mumbai, a super-specialty hospital, and is one of India's best nursing institutes with state-of-the-art facilities. We educate our students in integrated healthcare procedures while instilling a caring attitude in them. At a residential facility on Premier Road in Kurla (W) Mumbai, HFINE trains student-nurses with world-class infrastructure. The Indian Nursing Council recognises our Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery, Basic B.Sc. Nursing, and Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing programmes, which are among the best in the country. At our parent institution, the Holy Family Hospital in Bandra, Mumbai, our student-nurses receive the best clinical training available. They have the best post basic nursing. Admissions will begin in April or May of this year, and applications are now being accepted. Admissions will begin in April or May 2018, and applications will be accepted from all throughout the United States. Although HFINE is a minority-serving institution, applicants are not given preference based on caste, community, or creed.

website : https://holyfamilyinstituteofnursing.org/

Phone Number : +91 9619368011

9. Jaslok College of Nursing: Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Jaslok College of Nursing is a nursing school. The Indian Nursing Council (INC) in New Delhi has approved the college. Jaslok College of Nursing offers two nursing programmes in one stream. The BSc. degree is one of the most popular at Jaslok College of Nursing. Contact them to know about the after BSc nursing courses. Jaslok College of Nursing is a leader in research and innovation, in addition to having a strong teaching pedagogy. Jaslok College of Nursing places a strong emphasis on activities outside of the classroom, as seen by its infrastructure, extracurricular activities, and national and international connections. The job opportunities at Jaslok College of Nursing are diverse, with opportunities in both the private and public sectors, as well as entrepreneurship.

website : http://www.jaslokhospital.net/

Phone Number : 022 23542354

10. KDA Nursing College: Nursing has always adapted to the changing health-care needs of society. New and old changing opportunities and constraints continue to challenge and reward nursing. The largest group of professionals in the health-care delivery system is nurses. At the same time, medical and nursing services are overburdened due to social, biomedical, and acquired/man-made issues. Nursing is the process of a nurse assisting a sick or well person in performing tasks that contribute to their health or recovery. A professional nurse who has obtained a basic nursing education performs these procedures. Nursing education at KDA Nursing College is based on general education concepts. Education is the key to success. Education is a process that involves the act of drawing out, training, and instructing. Know everything about BSc nursing by contacting them. KDA Nursing College is dedicated to preparing nursing students to achieve excellence in nursing practice by evaluating theory and practice concurrently by experienced and dedicated lecturers.

Website : http://www.kdanursingcollege.com/
Phone Number : 022-42696744

11. Bombay Hospital College Of Nursing: Located in the heart of the city, Bombay Hospital College of Nursing is easily accessible from both Churchgate and C.S.T. Station. In 1952, the Bombay Nurses' Training Institute was founded, and in 2004 it was promoted to the Bombay Hospital College of Nursing. Contact them now and know the criteria for BSc nursing eligibility. The Bombay Hospital College of Nursing is a forerunner in promoting high-quality nursing education in India. It is connected with the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and is recognised by the Indian Nursing Council and Maharashtra Nursing Council. At Bombay Hospital College of Nursing, qualified and experienced faculty provide quality nursing education to student nurses enrolled in a variety of programmes.

Website : https://bombayhospital.com/

phone Number :  +91-22-22067676

12. Grant Govt. Medical College & Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals: College of Nursing, Sir J. J. Because of its distinctive topography, connections, and sustained leadership in medical training and health care for the ordinary man over the past one and a half centuries, Mumbai stands out among Maharashtra's medical colleges. Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College Mumbai is a leading and pioneering medical institution with a 175-year history. They offer the best PGIMER BSc nursing. The land of south and central Mumbai is occupied by Grant Medical College and the Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals. From all regions of Maharashtra, India, and the world, Mumbai is well connected via Western and Central railways, motorways, and airplanes, as well as the water. People from all around the country find Mumbai convenient and well-equipped for treatment due to its improved connections. Another important reason for the inflow of poor patients from grossly deficient and underdeveloped regions of the state and country to Grant Medical College & Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals is the availability of free and high-quality treatment across a wide range of specialties for people below the poverty line at a low cost to the common man.

website : https://ggmcjjh.com/
Phone Number : +(91)-22-23735555

13. Institute of Nursing Education, Mumbai : This is the state government of Maharashtra's oldest institute, founded in 1960 under the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER). The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik is currently offering M. Sc. Nursing and Post Basic B. Sc. Nursing programmes. You can also do a 6 month courses after B Sc nursing with them. Maharashtra State Board of Nursing and Paramedical Education, Mumbai, offers a post-basic diploma in pediatric nursing. Since 1997, the college has been accredited by IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) as a programme study center for the Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing course.

Phone Number: 022-2374 4655

Website: https://www.inemumbai.org/

14. College Of Nursing, Seva Mandal Education Society: The foundation for Seva Mandal Education Society was formed in 1957, and it is a top educational institute that began with only seven students for women's education. It has gradually grown in terms of both the number of students and the educational courses it provides throughout time. Get the best nursing courses with them. On campus, the SMES today boasts a total of 6,500 students. It provides a wide range of programmes, including institutional, certificate, and diploma programmes, as well as Junior Colleges, Undergraduate Degree Programs, and Postgraduate Degree and Diploma Courses. Smt. Sushilaben R. Mehta & Sir Kikabhai Premchand Cardiac Institute, Conwest Jain Clinic Group of Institutions, and Ruxmani Lying-in Hospital are some of the well-known superspecialty hospitals in Mumbai with whom we have affiliations.

website : https://smescon.in/
Phone Number : +91 8097707388

15. Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Nursing: Bharati Vidyapeeth has made incredible progress in the sphere of education, notably higher and professional education, over the last 57 years. They offer the best BSc nursing. Today, Bharati Vidyapeeth runs over 156 educational institutions, ranging from pre-primary schools to postgraduate institutions and a full-fledged professional university (BVDU).

Website : https://bvuniversity.edu.in/

Phone Number : +91-20-24407100

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