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Best Colleges For X-Ray Technician Courses

An X-Ray technician's job is quite diverse. It is one of those professions that will provide you with outstanding life stability and balance. Medical imaging technologists have a bright future ahead of them, with opportunities to work in a variety of settings. It is important to highlight, however, that this career necessitates a dependable personality with a loving approach. Compassion should be shown toward the sufferings of the sick.

The ongoing advancement of this industry has resulted in a plethora of new job opportunities. It's also worth noting that medical imaging technologists operate in a variety of settings. X-Ray technicians are typically employed in the healthcare industry. Others, on the other hand, can collaborate with engineers and scientists. Working as an X-Ray technician is a rewarding job. It allows you to go to rest at night knowing that your efforts have made the world a better place.

Our X-Ray and Imaging Technology course is designed for students in grades 12 through graduate school. This eight-month certification programme will teach students how to identify illnesses and injuries using imaging techniques. Our X-Ray and Imaging Technology Certification programme includes both theory and hands-on instruction. Students learn how to utilize X-Ray and medical imaging equipment effectively in our intensive practical training programmes.

1. AIG Academy : One of India's most famous teaching and medical care institutions is the AIG Academy Medical College. Get the best x ray technician courses with them. Contact them to get the details of the radiology technician course. At the medical college, some 2000 students are educated in undergraduate, postgraduate, and superspeciality medical courses, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate physical and occupational therapy, and Masters and PhD degrees in a variety of associated specializations (school). A nursing school is also run by these institutions.

Website : https://aigedu.org/

Phone Number : +91 7400058878

2. ETS College : ETS is a nationally recognised health science research center. It is considered as one of the best for offering a diverse selection of industry-relevant health science courses that serve to close the gap in the industry for qualified front-line healthcare personnel. They have the best xray technician training. To get the details of x ray technician certificate programs contact them now. ETS is dedicated to developing young brains into qualified professionals through education and training. Our students are taught by the best faculty in a cutting-edge facility to become vital contributors to primary healthcare for the general population.

Website: https://www.ets-edu.com

Phone Number : +91 9819633619

3. BAG College : To be recognised as a center of excellence and a leader in the country in fostering cutting-edge paramedical technology. Get the details of the radiology technician certificate program with them. It is one of the best x ray technician colleges. Give the country a boost in terms of medical laboratories and clinical research. Keep the Indian health-care industry up to date with the times.

Phone Number : +91 9892222877

4. Maharashtra Institute of Medical Science and Technology : India's economic progress has provided us with access to modern medicine, widening the gap between demand and supply for paramedics and paramedical personnel. To get the details of x ray technician course qualifications contact them. They offer the best diploma in x ray technician. "Laboratory technologists are without a doubt the backbone of the health-care system." According to a survey, India has about a lakh clinical laboratories, and in order for them to work efficiently, there is a high demand for well-trained technicians, not only to confirm accurate disease diagnoses but also to avert their catastrophic consequences. In the realm of paramedical science, Maharashtra Institute of Medical Science & Technology has established itself as a reputable name. Our extensive training experience has enabled thousands of people to reap the benefits of a successful profession while also contributing to society. MI's reputation stems from the high-quality training it has provided to its students for ADMLT, ADMIT, and other courses since 2000.

Website : http://www.maharashtrainstitute.com/

Phone Number : 022 23731633

5. Kohinoor College of Paramedical Sciences : The Kohinoor College of Paramedical Science is a branch of the Kohinoor Technical Institute in Vidyavihar, Kurla, Mumbai. The college offers a wide range of paramedical science courses. The college has state-of-the-art lecture halls. Get the best x ray tech training with them. At Asia's first "LEED'' accredited "Criticare Asia Multispeciality Hospital and Research Center," students receive hands-on training on the latest equipment and technology. The doctors and technicians at "Criticare Asia Multispecialty Hospital and Research Center'' are passionate about training and developing students so that they can serve the healthcare industry with a high level of knowledge and dedication. The Kohinoor Group, which has been involved in education for more than 50 years, saw the potential for growth in the Health Care Business and the dearth of competent workers in the industry and decided to open this college in Mumbai. Through its prominent and competent faculty, Kohinoor College of Paramedical Sciences seeks to provide quality education to students. Continuing guest lectures by working doctors, as well as continued observation at Kohinoor Hospital and other diagnostic institutes, provide students an advantage over their peers in the field. Laboratory Technology, Imaging Technology, Optometry Technology, Anesthesia and Critical Care Technology, Medical Records Technology, and Radiation Therapy Technology are among the 2 year full time advanced diploma programmes offered by the College.

Website : http://www.kcps.ac.in/

Phone Number : 7045375116

6. G.G. Education Of Paramedical Science Thane : G.G Education and Paramedical Organization is an academic organization that focuses on the promotion of vocational, professional, and paramedical educational programmes for underserved and worthy individuals in society. It was founded in 2007. Apart from that, the organization works for the upliftment of people from under-privileged backgrounds through a variety of developmental projects, such as organizing health and medical checkup camps for un-served and under-served people through door-to-door services, blood donation camps, and career guidance classes for SSC and HSC graduates, among others. They offer the best x ray tech course. Currently, the organization provides services in Thane and the surrounding areas. The organization is based in Thane, a sub-urban area around 40 kilometers from Mumbai's metropolis.

Website : http://www.ggeducation.com/

Phone Number : 9322131088

7. Maharashtra Paramedical Institute : Maharashtra Paramedical Institute was founded a decade ago and has since established itself as one of the leading paramedical institutes in the country for paramedical training and job placement. The Institute's mission is to make every student job employable in the field of paramedics through skill-based learning, as it is clear from the rapidly growing health industry that there will be an abundance of job openings in the paramedical field in the coming years, as well as an increase in the demand for paramedical staff. Get the best x ray technician course government with them. Students of Maharashtra Paramedical Institute work in renowned institutions such as Jaslok Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, H.N.hospital & Reliance foundation, Fortis Hospital, Metropolis, SRL Religare, Suburban Diagnostics, and many other laboratories and diagnostic facilities. Maharashtra Paramedical Institute's primary goal is to place students in various hospitals, clinics, and medical laboratories for on-the-job training. Under the supervision of doctors and senior paramedical staff, this OJT is delivered. Along with skill-based learning, theory sessions are held at the institutes to enable students clear up any remaining concerns. The goal of Maharashtra Paramedical Institute is to focus on skill-based teaching for all students so that they may assist the health industry in meeting its paramedical personnel shortage. During this learning module, the student develops job employability, allowing him to stand on his own two feet and support his family. The Maharashtra Paramedical Institute has joined NSDC and PMKVY in a quest to promote skill-based learning, and has successfully completed batches of GDA (General Duty Assistant).

Website : http://mpmi.in/

Phone Number : 9982210557

8. Dr. Vyas Institute of Paramedical Sciences : Providing students with a high-quality education so that they can become effective healthcare workers who will contribute to the society's improvement of healthcare standards. To establish a paramedical institute that will educate students in all aspects of the healthcare sector as a pioneer. Get the best x ray technician training with them.

Website : http://drvyasparamedicalinstitute.com/

Phone Number : 022 - 28077500

9. Paramedical Institute for Education and Research : The PIER group of institutes is an advanced healthcare skilling institute that aims to improve the quality of trained resources in the healthcare business by equipping Allied Health professionals with the necessary skills and preparing them for employment. PIER is working in the healthcare education domain with the help of leading hospitals, pathology and diagnostic centers across India (industry partner known as Skill Knowledge Partner) to impart vocational education for skills required in the healthcare industry and enable it to reach out to the youth across India who need and deserve a good education and employment. To get the best radiology technician training contact them.

Website : http://www.paramedicalinstitute.in/

Phone Number :  9867572104

10. DPMI (Paramedical Skilling Institute) : In the education sector, the Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute, or DPMI, is equipped with Advanced Studies Courses and was founded in Delhi with the goal of offering quality paramedical and technical management education at the under 10th, 10+2, graduate, and postgraduate levels. To get the best x ray tech certificate programs enroll with them now.  Young aspirants study a variety of subjects in health care, hospitality, mass communication, and aviation in a stimulating environment that encourages independent thinking and innovation. DPMI focuses on adding value to the courses it gives to the student community, offering a one-of-a-kind blend of technical excellence, opportunities, choices, and experience. With the rising globalization of all economic activities, students must develop a global perspective in order to be successful in the international arena. The PMTS of India manages DPMI and it operates under its capable supervision and guidance. The organization is registered in Delhi under Section 21 of the Indian Constitution Act of 1860. The institution is dedicated to the advancement of paramedical health education, hotel management, catering technology, and tourism in the country. The goal of this institution is to develop a group of well-trained paramedical and hotel management professionals.

Website : https://dpmiindia.com/paramedical/thane/

Phone Number :  9999738850

11. Grant Medical College : Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals and Grant Govt. Medical College Because of its distinctive topography, interconnectedness, and long-standing leadership in medical education and health services for the general public, Mumbai stands out among Maharashtra's medical colleges. Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals and Grant Medical College Mumbai is a leading and pioneering medical institution with a 175-year history. Get the best x ray technician certificate course with them. The government of Maharashtra's oldest medical institution, which provides undergraduate and postgraduate medical training and health care spanning from specialties to super-specialties, as well as tertiary care to patients, will deliver improved medical education and health care.

Website : http://www.ggmcjjh.com/

Phone Number :  02223735555

12. CEDP Skill Institute : India's leading skill development institute is the Council of Education and Development Programmes (CEDP). To get the best x ray technician certificate programs online contact them now. At CEDP, we'd like to invite curious minds to see what we're calling the "boom in youth employment and growth." Since 2010, we've been pushing the boundaries of industry-focused short-term professional courses with on-the-job training, ensuring that our students have the knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in their areas.

Website : https://www.cedp-edu.com/

Phone Number :  7045904035

13. College Of Physicians & Surgeons Of Mumbai : The College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) of Mumbai is an examining body created in 1912 by Surgeon General Sir H. W. Stevenson for distinguished allopathic doctors desirous of obtaining a postgraduate medical degree before providing medical services to the public. CPS is one of India's oldest postgraduate medical educational institutions, with the Indian Medical Degree Act 1916 allowing it to issue qualifications (LCPS, MCPS, Diplomas, and FCPS). They offer the best xray technician course. CPS is an examination body that is similar to the National Board of Examinations and is based on the Royal College of Surgeons of England (Estd. By Act of Parliament, Govt. of India). CPS is a self-governing entity governed by 24 chosen members (faculties of various specialties) with strong democratic traditions.

Website : http://www.cpsmumbai.org/

Phone Number :  02224161502

14. Shilp Bharat Institute : Shilp Bharat Institute is a paramedical institute in Thane, Maharashtra, that aims to provide skill, training, and job. We are a modern, fast-growing educational institute in Thane, Maharashtra, that appreciates the importance of our strategic location. They offer the best x ray lab technician course. We are entirely accountable to local / regional needs, and we recognise our commitment not only to university – higher education, but also to the region's social and economic development. 'Shilp Bharat Institute has a well-deserved reputation for delivering high-quality programmes in health care and health studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.' 'Shilp Bharat Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing skill employment and entrepreneurship as part of government Indian policies to build a robust economy.'

Website : http://www.shilpbharatinstitute.com/

Phone Number :  08898224231

15. ITM Institute of Health Sciences : ITM IHS is a recognised center of excellence for health science research. It is regarded as one of the best for providing a wide range of industry-responsive courses in the field of health science, which help to address the gap in the industry for trained front-line healthcare professionals. They provide the best medical x ray technician course. IHS is committed to educating and molding young minds into qualified professionals. Our students are taught by the best staff in a cutting-edge facility to become essential contributors in providing primary healthcare to the general public.

Website : https://www.itm.edu/institute-of-health-sciences

Phone Number :  +9107666371147

16. Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College : The King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital and the Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College (GSMC) are two of India's most prestigious teaching and medical care institutes. Contact them to get the details of x ray machine operator course. About 2000 students are trained in undergraduate, postgraduate, and superspeciality medical courses; undergraduate and postgraduate physical and occupational therapy; Masters and PhD degrees in several allied specialties at the medical college (school). These institutions also operate a nursing school.

Website : http://www.kem.edu/

Phone Number :  +91222410 7000

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