Best Hospital in Faridabad - Asian Institute of Medical Sciences

Asian hospital situated at sector 21A, Faridabad, is known for being one of its kind. Our health center has innumerable services like Asian Cancer Centre, Asian Centre For Bone Marrow Transplant, Asian Advanced Heart Centre, Asian Centre for Advanced Surgery, and many more.

The doctors and staff are highly trained professionals and ensure that you get treated with proper care and precaution.

With our use of state-of-the-art equipment and medical machinery, we leave nothing on the chance for our patients.

Infrastructure and services:

The hospital is one of the best in Faridabad and has over 500 beds, including emergency ward, ICU, VIP patient rooms, general ward, endoscopy, etc.

Asian even has its food court and pharmacy. In addition, we have a separate waiting lounge for our international patients.

The hospital is located 45 minutes away from the airport, making it easier for international patients and national patients to reach us with our airport pick-up and drop facilities.

Our 24*7 helpline service addresses all your issues and queries immediately.

Testimonials and vision:

“It’s good to go. They understand the problem. I salute to their work.”- Shyamal (Patient), it is one of many statements made by our patients.

Like Shyamal, hundreds of our patients are impressed by the understanding and well-organized staff that effortlessly prevails even in times of crisis.

At Asian, our vision has not changed under great pressure of time that is “To be the most trusted healthcare partner FOR PEOPLE through our unsurpassed quality & care and by striving to provide ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and BEST AVAILABLE healthcare services in India.

Thus driven by such a vision, our healthcare services are like none other.


The Asian Institute of Medical Sciences has been recognized as one of the Best Healthcare Brands 2019–20.

Just like this, Asian has received countless awards and recognitions that make us more motivated to serve our patients with the utmost dignity and compassion.

Asian also comes in the list of top 5 hospitals in Delhi NCR.

Motivated by our visions and morals, we have treated thousands of patients, including the first successful heart transplant to a 31-year-old patient led by Dr. Amit Chaudhary, giving a new life to the patient.

Prevailing through COVID19

COVID19 brought unforeseen disaster on the world, but we prevailed even in such hard times with our sheer determination towards our morals and a will to serve our patients first.

As a result, thousands of patients recovered successfully under our care and went home to their families.

Our work never stopped in such situations and thus made us who we are today.

The services we provided also changed with changing times and have been significantly adapted to our patients’ needs.

That is why we promise you the best in class treatment and services.

Our prices are budget-friendly, which are suitable for every family and individual.

Your trust in us is our priority.

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