Best Interior Decorator in Lucknow

Much like everything else these days, some trends come in interior designing as well. Initially, the trends started with immense colour and grandeur and then the late 2010s saw the trend shift from flamboyant to minimalistic.

With ever-changing trends, it's important to constantly be updated with the present time and style. Come take a look at the top trends in interior designing in 2021.

Warm Color Themes

After years of strong and flamboyant colours taking up the interiors of houses, this year warmer tones are back in the trends. According to an Interior Designer in Lucknow, warm colour schemes are being used in several houses across the world since they help give the house a very homey and comfortable feeling.

Warm colour tones also add to the environment of the house and they make the setting look rather inviting and cosy. This makes it a huge hit to have in living spaces and bedrooms.


The Best Interior Decorator in Lucknow all vouch that minimalism is a trend that is sure to stay. Minimalist interior design has taken over the world by storm. It helps make the house look spacious and well decorated at the same time.

Minimalism also allows for the space to be used in multiple different ways for different family members. One of the best ways to make your house look aesthetic and modern is to opt for minimalistic nature in your interior decoration.

Go green

In 2021, house plants and greenery inside the living space is a huge hit. Be it bonsai trees on the kitchen counter or eucalyptus hanging from the bathroom walls, green is making a strong comeback this year.

There are plants that people have in their dining area and even a lot of them are now being used as substitutes to showpieces and other decor items. Having plants in the house is one of the best ways to make it look lively and simple yet modern and trendy.

Detailed ceiling

According to the Best Interior Designer in Lucknow, detailed ceilings or statement ceilings are a big trend currently. Ceilings with hidden lights and accentuated designs are rapidly gaining attention and fan following.

This is because detailed ceilings are one of the easiest and simplest ways to add a zing to your house without being too overbearing and strong. Detailed ceilings are an excellent way to incorporate some artistic designs and patterns into your home.

Accentuated wallpaper

Accentuated wallpaper with bold colours and design patterns are a huge hit in 2021. This is because they help tie the entire aesthetic of the house together. Choosing the right wallpaper becomes important since it connects the different elements of your space as one.

Bold wallpapers help make the space look complete and it takes away any blank spaces or blandness left in the area. It helps lighten up the space and it makes the house very lively and interesting. It is one of the best ways to decorate a space without it being too congested.

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