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Best Placement Agency | Manpower Consultancy in Hyderabad

Best Placement Agency | Manpower Consultancy in Hyderabad

Recruitment Process:

We at Screative software work in a visionary manner. Accordingly we first invest sometime to understand your business and culture. Our comprehensive approach enables us to gauge your service requirements, and our team works along with you to initiate a captivating employee value proposition that is positioned to attract top-grade talent.

After meticulously understanding the client’s requirement we leverage our network of candidates with a strong sourcing strategy in finding top-notch talent to meet your hiring needs. Our recruitment process is incorporated with techniques like predictive modeling, gathering intelligent insights through forecasting, data mining, and text mining to put the customer at the center of everything.

All the candidates go through a rigorous qualification process, including skill matching (using our services such as Resume Parser), behavioral interviews, and performing background checks if needed, and more.

Moving forward our company then makes sure that our candidates have a smooth onboarding program. We also remain in close contact with the client and the candidate which providently develops employee engagement and performance throughout each hiring process.

We are one of the Top Recruiting Agencies and Placement Consultancy in Hyderabad as we go beyond simply finding you a new employee on a one-off basis, and offer a level of service which allows us to build a rapport with you and your firm. Even after recruiting your new hire, our organization experts continue to support you.

When working with us to recruit contract or permanent candidates, you’ll acquire services such as:

A broad range of assessment and careful scrutiny of candidate’s skills

Organizing interviews and co-ordinating with thorough follow-ups

Recommending about offer negotiation

Our recruitment services are customer-focused and customized to what you need. We offer you a choice of services so that you can attain the right level of assistance. Whether you require candidate skills testing or candidates background verification, interview arrangements, offer management, or expert advice on the recruitment market and salaries based on technicalities, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Screative software services are one of the best manpower recruitment agencies in India. This gives us the credibility to assist you in accessing the best talent available on the market. We use our consultants’ in-depth practical knowledge to track down the applicants you need, offering you peace of mind when selecting the next professional for your organization.

Why Choose Screativessoft?

When working with us, we provide a first-class service incorporated with the values of being open and taking ownership. We focus on building trust and sharing sincere feedback which will make sure that we build indelible bonds with our clients and applicants. With this, you can have assurance that you’re functioning with a recruitment firm which is reliable and together are looking forward to make a positive impact to both your organization and the wider community.

We work from planning through execution, to be at the heart of our client’s businesses and our applicant’s careers. We are one of the top placement consultancy in Hyderabad equipped with emerging markets knowledge and specialized in building teams for growth companies.

Screative software solutions individuals are highly determined, specialists, with the required skills, expertise, and connections to locate shrouded job-seekers.

We are one of the top Manpower recruiting agencies in Hyderabad as we possess the specialised knowledge, huge database, convincing ability, motivational ability, trustworthiness and other crucial skills to deliver for our clients. We have a team of focused, expert executive recruiters who work closely and sensitively with your organisation to carefully shortlist and track suitable candidates who may not be available in the open market.

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