10 Best Practices for Running a Successful Ecommerce Website

Every online company’s homepage is the most significant page. The storefront of your business might be compared to a prime-time television spot. Even with hundreds of products and subcategories, coming up with the perfect homepage for your online store might be a struggle. To avoid losing a customer’s interest, you should consider hard before including too many things on the main page.

Keep reading to learn more about eCommerce leaders’ best homepage design approaches.

The first step to creating a successful eCommerce website is to include a search box on every page. The Mango e-commerce site is a beautiful example, with the search box serving as an unapologetic tag. Online customers save time by not.

Having to sift through pages of items to discover what they’re looking for. Instead of using the instant search box, try using the method from if it doesn’t work for your online shop’s design. Good homepages have a search bar that opens up when a user clicks on it.

2. Clear Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is the next thing on the list of eCommerce homepage features. I doubt you’d be happy to see all the items from different categories stacked next to each other when you were shopping for anything specific. The same thing happens when customers can’t discover the categories they’re looking for on retail websites. Customers will leave your online store in less than 15 seconds if it has a complicated structure. Remember that consumers expect to discover a horizontal and vertical navigation bar on the top and left of an eCommerce website’s homepage.

3. Product suggestions and personalized content

Let’s look at how Amazon uses search results to make suggestions and remind customers about previous purchases. In addition to increasing conversion rates, personalized product recommendations positively impact the average number of goods added to the shopping basket. Because of this, you make more money from just one consumer. If you want a high-converting e-commerce homepage, you should follow this advice.

4. Persistent Shopping Carts

On the front page of the eCommerce website, you’ll see images of stores. Take a look at the right-hand side. What’s the deal? Shoppers who add items to their carts and then close the website will still have those items in their carts when they return to the site. You’ll see items added to your basket over several days or weeks when you visit the site. Aside from the information on a website’s first page, its features also have a role.

5. Address and Phone number

Customers who have never purchased from your online store before will always be skeptical and hesitant, even if you have good credentials. Add a physical location and a phone number to your company’s website header if you want to gain the confidence of these types of online buyers. You don’t want them to assume you’re after their credit card information if that’s the case.

6. Using social media to share

The use of social media is yet another aspect of our how-to on creating a homepage. According to Shopify, over eighty-five percent of all online purchases originate from social media sites like Facebook. Consider that clients who spread the word about your e-commerce site may also boost your sales. Another study emphasizes the significance of having a solid social media presence for any online shop.

7. Carousels should be eliminated

Don’t utilize rotating carousels with product images if you want the greatest eCommerce homepages. This is critical, and we’ll even show you some facts and numbers to prove it. We realize that online retailers want to show off more things, but they often overlook that it frustrates customers. Adding a carousel to your e-commerce site also slows it down, hurting your search engine rankings. Consider that successful online stores often utilize static photos on their homepages as inspiration.

8. Trust marks

This is a great way to break the ice with new consumers. Visitors to an eCommerce site are more likely to purchase if they see trust badges on the site’s homepage. It’s a technique that House of Kids uses. The firm saw a 32% boost in conversions after adding a trust mark to the homepage of its website. You’ll get the same outcome if you do.

9. Free shipping

Free delivery is another way to create an eye-catching homepage for an e-commerce business. There is a good chance we know why your online store has a high cart abandonment rate. High delivery costs are the primary deterrent to your customers making a purchase. Customers do not like having to pay more money. Customers who purchase at online stores that provide free shipping are more likely to return.

10. All discounts in one place

You may establish a discount menu if you have various discount alternatives in your online store marketing plan. It’s possible to enhance sales and customer loyalty by using this method and keeping all of your coupons, news clippings, and loyalty points in one location.

Final Words

Are you looking for the best ecommerce website development company in Pune to help you advertise your business across the country? You’ve come to the correct spot, since we’ve put together the perfect list for you! For eCommerce businesses, the homepage is incredibly significant. Your online shop visitors decide whether to buy your products based on the layout and information offered. As a result, while designing the homepage of an online store, you should pay special attention to details and follow eCommerce best practices. We believe in providing exceptional digital marketing services in Pune that improve your website’s search engine rankings, giving you the best web exposure as a leading Digital Marketing Company in Pune.

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