Best Shoe Polish to Rejuvenate Your Footwear

A decent pair of men’s leather casual shoes is perhaps the main pieces of any closet, yet one of the "gets" with purchasing quality leather is that hide needs a touch of care to keep up its character and gracefulness. After you wear those new shoes for some time, they're normally going to begin watching exhausted as the regular oils of the leather dry out and the surface takes on scrapes, scratches, wrinkles, and general wear from the components.

Fortunately, you don't need to throw those exhausted shoes in your storeroom: Good leather can keep going for quite a long time with legitimate consideration, and numerous individuals (myself included) really discover cleaning their shoes to be a loosening up old fashioned custom. Great clean can inhale new life into calfskin, making it look practically new once more, and in the event that you're putting acceptable cash in quality shoes, at that point it profits you to put in a couple of bucks on quality clean. Hardly any things look more regrettable than a generally pleasant outfit demolished by exhausted, dull-looking shoes.

We saw a rise in people who buy leather shoes online and in the last year since people are at home we also saw a rise in sales is shoe polish online. Let’s discuss the top 5 brands that you can use to keep your shoes in good condition especially the leather shoes as they need more care.

So before we dive right into the brands let’s talk about the types of shoe polish that you can buy with leather shoes online. There are two major types of shoe polish:

  1. Shoe Wax: A shoe wax consists of a base like a beeswax mostly. This is a solid polish. This particular polish is time-consuming to use.  It offers a more exemplary glass-like sparkle than cream cleans just like some additional protection from scrapes and checks on the cowhide, yet takes a smidgen additional time and exertion to utilize. You would prefer not to over-apply wax as it can get out and chip dry in the event that you layer it on excessively thick — instead of getting completely ingested into the calfskin, wax shines do the greater part of their work on a superficial level.
  2. Shoe Cream: This is unlike the wax an oil-based polish. This polish helps return some moisture to the leather. This also gives a matte finish to the men’s leather formal shoes. This is the polish that is recommended to anyone who is new to wearing and taking care of leather shoes.

Moving forward let’s discuss the 5 brands that you can choose from to buy shoe polish:

  1. Cherry Blossom: This is one brand that everyone has come across at least once in their life. I remember as a kid my grandfather used to use cherry blossom to polish my vans or jane marys. It has been known across the world and has been our shoes since early 1900.
  2. Lincoln: This came into existence in 1925 in a Californian kitchen. It was made by John Lincoln and has been used for a long time to give an out of this world shine to not only men’s formal shoes but also leather boots. The company HQ is still based out of California and produces quality polish that does not include cheap chemicals.
  3. Meltonian: Melatonin is one of the best cream shoe polish available in the market.  This polish is very soft and very easy to work into the leather. It gives the leather a good shine and protection without you having to put in much effort like in any other wax-based polish.
  4. Boot Black Japan: This is a product of Pitti Uomo, a Japan-based brand. They offer a range of polishes, oils and other products that can help you keep your shoes in good shape for a longer time. This brand was founded in 2007 by the large shoe chain Columbus in Japan.
  5. Otter Wax: This is an all-natural product. You can find them online on Amazon as well. It has shea butter in its base. They are produced in Oregon. It takes a little more effort than cream-based polishes but its natural products enhance your leather.

Hope this list will help you find the perfect polish for your leather shoes online.

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