An Alternative to Uber in Edinburgh – The Best Taxi Booking App

Before COVID-19, getting around cities was relatively simple. We didn't seem to have any trouble getting around, and we weren't disturbed by crowded public transportation, all thanks to the Best Taxi Booking Apps of Edinburgh.

Today, the epidemic has shifted our collective thinking, making us more health- and safety-conscious even when travelling from point A to point B.

Taxi applications and hailing cabs are safe ways to go around cities without coming into contact with too many strangers. There are numerous ride-hailing services available in Edinburgh, UK and determining which ones are the finest and most reliable can be difficult.

Tuko Super App

To travel in comfort and luxury, download the Tuko Super App. Your ride will be Smooth, Safe, and Secure thanks to great prices and extremely trusted drivers.

The software is a fully functional Taxi Booking App with an easy-to-use UI and cutting-edge functionality. Whether you need to attend an important business meeting or a wedding reception, a cab will be ready for you at the door in only a few clicks.

All The Fives Taxi

In Edinburgh and the Lothains, it is a private hire and taxi service.

The taxi company has one of the largest fleets and a wide range of vehicles in the city, including 7 and 8 seater and executive class vehicles, giving our customers more options and convenience.

The City of Edinburgh Council has thoroughly licenced all of the drivers and vehicles to guarantee that they provide the greatest level of service and luxury.

Radio Taxi

This is one of the companies operating in the United Kingdom, and it has a reputation for providing timely, clean, and courteous service.

Because of its simplicity, the app is simple to use and will make you grin. This is a difficult quality to overlook, hence it is included on the list.

It's the ideal solution for folks who are fed up with not being able to get the correct cab when they need one.


The following app is 'Hailo,' which is another beautifully designed app. This is an excellent app for individuals who want to acquire a Black taxi.

You may quickly reserve a cab whenever you need one, and the process will be quick and easy. The majority of Hailo drivers will be covered by Hailo taxi insurance.

Capital Cars

Capital Cars is a well-known Edinburgh cab and private hire service. It offers a taxi service for various types of jobs, including local runs, airport transfers, and long-distance travel.

It offers a high level of service and a hassle-free travel option to our consumers. Saloon cars, estate cars, 6, 7 and 8 seater people carriers, and executive cars are all part of our extensive fleet.

It accepts the inquiries and reservations via phone, email, iPhone or Android app, and our online booking system.


Another wonderful app that focuses on black taxis is this one. You'll be carrying your smartphone around with you all the time, and Gett allows you to make advanced appointments right from your phone.

It is available for download for free and has received positive reviews.


With three clicks, you'll be ready to go and have a cab reservation. Yes, it's that simple! ComCab offers its taxi booking services in Edinburgh and other parts of the United Kingdom.

Apart from On-Demand Taxi Booking, Tuko App also provides meal delivery services as well as other On-Demand Services such as car wash, house cleaning, grocery delivery, and parcel delivery in London, The United Kingdom, Kenya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Kiambu, Kenya, and Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica.

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