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Award-winning Branding Agency- We are Brandemic Design

Award-winning Branding Agency- We are Brandemic Design

Brandemic is an award-winning Branding Agency that drives over 200 brands across the globe. We believe branding is the most important element of any business and hence we’re here to deliver the best brand identity for your business. We have completed over 200 projects successfully and acquired clients from 20+ cities, purely through branding and having a strong digital footprint.

We are an online-first agency with a unique operational framework ensuring efficiency and timeliness in project completion and we use our extensive experience to help our clients build and structure their businesses.

Company Overview:

Brandemic is one of the fastest-growing branding agencies in India. It is a promising and veritable branding and consultancy agency. The company collaborates with people conceding innovative ideas for their brand and helps them to strategize to hit the right target market. Our unique and virtuosic work comprises brand logo, brand identity, communication design, marketing collateral, and the website.

Brandemic came into existence in May 2020 by 4 mid-20-year-old friends with diverse backgrounds, skillsets, experiences, and a common passion to put their dreams into execution and hustle the way through milestones.  One MacBook two barely functioning laptops and a vision to become India’s first branding agency with global outreach and placing it on the maps as an IT and design capital of the world.

Within five months, we clenched more clients and took over 10 major cities in India and a few internationally, upscaling to over 100 projects by the end of the first six months.

Brandemic comprises key officials acquiring a wealth of expertise and miscellaneous backgrounds. They contribute to the proliferation of the company by investing their knowledge with an eye for expansion and stupendous outputs.

Enlightenment to the founders of the venture is cataloged below :

  • The Founder and Creative Director, Harsh Vijaykumar.
  • The Co-founder and Chief of Technology, Pranay Jain.
  • The Co-founder and Chief executing officer, Abhinav Agarwal.
  • The Co-founder and Chief of Business, Akshay Naazare.

The company deals with a multiplicity of clients, each with a diverse business idea and intricacies. The persuasive and unique factor that the company follows is to be in incessant contact with people sustaining visionary ideas and diversification in experiences. Their prime clientele includes start-ups, SME’s, tech companies, e-commerce companies, family businesses, and corporates.

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