Bride and Groom with Flowers wedding cards

When the word "BRIDE" is said, most people imagine a beautiful bride in white dress on her way to a wedding.

This Stock Illustration, whose name is "Bride and Groom with Flowers", includes various tags of groom, bride and flowers. The artist of this item is Geo Images (a), an imprinted company located in Shenyang Lu, Hangzhou, China. The tag of the bride and groom was made by Teng Bao, who is a Chinese Traditional artist.

Bride and Groom with Flowers are a set of over 35 high-quality resin tokens. It comes in a clear gift box. The tokens of bride and groom figurines are exquisitely hand crafted, making them great collectibles. A bride and a groom figurine make an excellent present for a loved one.

There are many traditional customs associated with the giving of tokens. Among the most popular of which is giving bouquets of flowers as a sign of good will during the wedding day.

This is seen as an appropriate token of love given by a bride to her husband on their wedding day. This tradition originated from China. Today it is often seen at many weddings.

Brides love to receive wedding cards on their wedding day. Among the types that are given are ones with the names of the bride and groom, along with their wedding date.

Most brides will select the wedding cards that contain a special message, which is dedicated to them. However, it should be remembered that some brides are not so particular about what is printed on the cards.

Another popular token is a wedding favor. These items are usually small, such as candles, photo frames, decorative pieces and so on. These are offered as thanks for attending the wedding and for sharing in the couple's happiness. These wedding favors are often given to the guests before they leave.

Brides love to receive keepsakes from the wedding day. Among these items are picture frames, tiaras, heart shaped compact mirrors and so on.

When a bride is marrying the other members of the wedding party, it is customary to give them small gifts from the groom and bride.

The gifts are presented to them as tokens of love. These wedding cards are given to the guests as love tokens.

Many brides are known to make handmade wedding favors. In fact, these tokens of love are considered very much appreciated by the bride and groom themselves.

It is not uncommon for a bride to collect a series of different photos, invitation, vows, flower seeds, and other such things, in order to create a set of personalized love tokens.

Finally, when all else fails, there is always the traditional card which the bride carries to thank the guests for attending the wedding.

These wedding cards can be very elegant, depending on how the bride wants them to look. Traditionally, the card mentions the name of the bride and the groom, along with their respective wedding date.

It also has a space for a message that thanks the guests for attending the wedding and for their love and affection.

Often, the messages written on the cards are heartfelt expressions of the couple's love and gratitude.

The groom's gift can be something that is very practical. For example, the groom may give his bride's favorite perfume.

Or he could give her a bracelet or chain that she can wear on her wedding day.

Alternatively, he can just buy her an outfit that she will love.

Brides often love receiving accessories, such as hair pins, jewelry, watches, or even an engraved gift card for her local grocery store.

These accessories can be very romantic, particularly if they match the bride's chosen bouquet.

One of the most important aspects of brides love is to pay tribute to the groom. At times, the bride will give the groom a very special present - one that is more than the wedding ring that the bride has worn.

In fact, the bride's mother may even give the groom's gift. In fact, it is quite common to see a bride and groom share a cabinet with their mother.

Brides are also known to have a special fondness for cakes. They love it when wedding cakes are shaped in the form of their favorite characters or that of their wedding day.

Alternatively, they are also known to have a fondness for candy and cookies.

There are some brides who even go to the extent of baking the cake themselves.

This shows the depth of a bride's love for food, as well as her appreciation for the groom's good wedding plan.

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