Types of Online MBA Specializations | Explained

In Master of Business Administration, there are many specializations that relate to various fields of management. An MBA online helps a student prepare for various career opportunities as per their respective specializations. MBA is one of the highly preferred programs out there as it provides many high paying jobs to the candidate. Online MBA specializations provide you with specific skills, education and understanding to receive the best business skills and corporate knowledge.

In case you are conscious of your career options and serious about holding a respectable position after completing your master's degree, then take a deep dive into your specific industry through MBA specialization. The course structure, number of topics or subjects varies from one specialization to another as per the specific subject or teaching syllabus. You can choose any of these like: MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance, MBA in Information Technology, MBA in Accounting, and so on. Students are required to check the fee, course structure, eligibility criteria, mode of education, approval and accreditation of the program, the university etc.

Every specialization provides a particular knowledge related to a specific industry, function and speciality. The demand for online MBA specializations is rapidly growing day by day with the increasing demand for MBA professionals in various industries.

Here, in this blog, we are providing information on various specializations of MBA. choose the one that suits your needs and desire to make a professional in the field you have selected.

General MBA Specializations

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • International Business
  • Business Analytics

MBA Specializations for Specific Functions and Industries

  • HR
  • Operations Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Common Types of MBA Specializations

There are various types of specializations in MBA courses even in an online mode of education. You can choose the one in which you want to study. Here, we have provided some important MBA specializations you should know about for taking a good decision when it comes to the selection of a specific specialization:

MBA Specializations

MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance Management is one of the highly preferred Specializations in MBA. In case you want to leg up in the very competitive market, then MBA in Finance may be one of the smartest choices. MBA in Finance provides high paying jobs with many benefits. As per the reports of Payscale, the average basic salary of Finance MBAs in the US is about $101,000.

In MBA Finance, students need to learn various important topics like Financial Modeling, accounting, banking, Fintech and Quantitative Finance etc.

There are many career opportunities that an MBA in Financial Management provides. They can easily hold investment banking, and venture capital and may work in MNCs like  Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan.

MBA in Accounting Management

Accounting is one of the highly demanding career options for the individuals of MBA aspirants. Candidates. MBA in Accounting is one of the highly preferred professional degrees that helps an individual to become a business creator with various thinking and problem-solving skills related to accountancy. They will learn managerial and leadership skills. With this course, a student can prepare themselves to become certified public accountants (CPA) after clearing the respective test.

The course helps students concentrate on several learning applications about accounting, taxation and much more. It also helps the person in acquiring credits for CPA certification. During the course of MBA Accounting, students need to read various topics and subjects like Legal Aspects of Business, Management Accounting, Basics of Marketing, Managerial Economics, Managerial Communication, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Business and Environmental Management and so on.

After completing the course from a recognized institution, students can easily grab several positions like Management Accountant, Financial Planner, Accounting Manager, Financial Analyst, Risk Manager and so on.

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MBA In Marketing

Marketing is a very broad field in which sales, purchase, communication and trading are included. If you are looking for a perfect course that provides a good and reputed job in the field of marketing, then you can choose an MBA in Marketing Management course. It's a two year online or regular program in which students are taught how to manage various types of resources used in marketing. In this course, you can easily get your hands in several fields like digital marketing, sales and marketing or general marketing. After completing this course, you can easily make your career with various top posts like marketing managers, market research analysis, promotions managers, brand managers, advertising managers etc.

The core topics and subjects included in MBA in Marketing include Management Concepts, Management Accounting, Business Marketing Environment, Marketing Management etc. Candidates have the option to pursue dual specializations like MBA in Marketing and Sales and MBA in Finance and Marketing.

The candidate must know the analytics, communications, customer behaviour, management skills and much more.

It's one of the highest paying courses. Candidates can easily hold various top positions in the marketing sector like Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Head, Digital Marketing Manager etc.

MBA In International Business

This MBA specialization will prepare students for various career opportunities in global business. International Business is a two year PG program that is designed to deliver the best in quality knowledge on various business aspects like Foreign Policies, Foreign Investments, Trade, Forex Risk Management, Export Management and so on. They can easily work for various companies that are operational in multiple companies.

MBA in International Business course can be completed in 2 years and it includes topics related to global human resources, international alliances and global strategy. While learning International Business, students will get the opportunities to work with several people with different perspectives, languages, worldviews and business cultures.

This MBA specialization will teach generalized management skills alongside international business skills. It helps to prepare graduates for many career opportunities in international corporations and non-profit organizations.

After completing the course, students can get many job opportunities like Export Manager, Global Business Manager, International Business Consultant and much more. The average salary after completing the course is 10-12 lakh per annum.

MBA in Information Technology

Master of Business Administration in Information Technology and IT Systems will help students prepare for career opportunities related to various technical aspects. Apart from the core MBA subjects, students are required to learn IT systems and networks, computer science, strategies related to IT, data management and data mining etc. It's a two-year master's degree program and after completing the same, students can easily grab various types of job opportunities like IT Project Managers, IT Executive, Chief IT officers, Consultants and much more. The core subjects included in the syllabus of Information technology are Systems Analysis and Design, Business Process Re-engineering, Strategy Management, Marketing Research, IT Management and so on.

MBA in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is one of the highly demanding courses for MBA students. In this job, students are required to read various types of topics like marketing finance, sales, data optimization, modeling and forecasting, and so on.

MBA in Business Analytics is a two-year master's degree program that prepares students for various career opportunities and lets the students analyze the processes of a particular business.

The course focuses on various aspects and areas like decision analysis, statistics, predictive modeling, marketing and much more. After the completion of the programme, candidates can grab various reputed positions like decision analytics, Data Scientist, Quantitative Analyst and much more. Today, there are many companies who are looking for young and dynamic Business Analytics who can hold a position to manage various things.

Industry-Oriented MBA Specializations

MBA Project Management

MBA in Project Management provides a thorough knowledge to the students with a combination of leadership expertise and business management. The specialization is made to prepare students to hold various positions related to managing projects and assignments running in an organization. The person is responsible for making strategies to execute the projects better. The candidate must know various types of skills like strong and effective communication, leadership skills, problem-solving and critical thinking, conflict resolution skills and much more. It's a two-year master's degree program. It offers many career opportunities like Operations Manager, Project Manager, Project Associate and so on.

These job profiles are one of the highest-paying jobs:


If you are looking for a respectable job in an organization, then an MBA in HRM is one of the best online jobs you can choose. It's a two year PG level managerial course that equips you with various important skills: strategy and planning, people coordination, analyzing employee behaviour, employment, hiring, strategies related to recruitment, talent management etc.

The HR Management in MBA is a two year PG level program that focuses on the recruitment of the right person for the job purpose, managing them to provide a perfect direction and guidance for the best output in the workplace. It's one of the best programs to become an HR professional. The major subjects included in this course are Quantitative Techniques for Management, Research Methods for Management, Corporate Communication, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and so on.

MBA in Healthcare Management

The Healthcare sector is one of the largest in the world and thus it needs highly dedicated professionals in top positions to manage healthcare centres like Hospitals, Dispensaries, clinics, etc. These days, the demand for healthcare managers is on the rise since the pandemic of COVID-19.

It's a two-year program also available in online mode. This course aims to provide best in class educational services to train and educate students in various healthcare departments. The main job opportunities after completing the course are Hospital Managers, Pharmaceutical production Managers, Hospital CEOs, Medical Practice Managers and so on.

MBA in Operations Management

This MBA Specialization is a two-year degree program with four semesters. It helps students to get appropriate management skills related to industrial and business operations. It prepares students for various posts like consultants and Operation Managers in various sectors of business. The students of Operations Management learn various types of topics like new products and services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

It focuses on organizing, planning, supervising and launching several types of services and products. In this specialization, students are taught managerial skills to get top positions in managing various types of operations. You have to complete all the semesters included in your MBA course to be eligible for the award of degree.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is one of the largest fields of study in MBA programs. It's a two-year degree program that teaches various things like analytical skills, management and supply chain strategies, transportation and planning related to goods and services. Apart from these things students also learn about warehouses, inventory and customer services. There are many job opportunities a student can grab after completing the program like International Logistics Manager, Transportation Manager, Logistics Managers, Project Managers and so on.

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