Can Sunspots Be Removed? 7 HydraFacial Benefits for Your Skin

Sun exposure is very harmful to our skin. The UV ray coming from the sun causes dark spot, pigmentation. But don’t worry, medical cosmetic procedures introduced hydrafacial treatment to eliminate the nagging sunspot from your face and neck.

What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is an upgraded kind of skin rejuvenating treatment; it is an entirely non-invasive procedure where cosmetic experts use water jets to clean your face and exfoliate it thoroughly. Consequently, it improves the texture of the skin and adds suppleness. In facial hydration treatment, experts use hydration serum, and it is completely customized according to your skin. The serum is the most important component of HydraFacial, responsible for the healthy glow, even tone of your skin.

A HydraFacial consists of a total of three steps including:

· Exfoliation of dead skin cells and eliminate impurities from the pores

· Application of acid peel solution for deep cleansing process, and scoop out the accumulation of dirt and pollution from the clogged pores

· At the last and final step, experts use a vacuum suction tube to withdraw the remaining impurities; after that, apply hydration serum for deep nourishment and skin rejuvenation.

In hydra-facial, skincare experts use custom-tailored ingredients suitable for your skin type, and skin concern is being treated.

Seven excellent benefits of HydraFacial:

Improve skin tone and texture

HydraFacial can effectively decrease the outlook of hyperpigmentation.

Apparent irregularities in your skin complexion. Accumulation of dirt and pollution, dead and damaged skin cells cause dull and uneven skin tone. But HydraFacial can solve this skin problem effectively. The exfoliation step of HydraFacial eliminates the layer of impurities and exposes the clearer, brighter skin you deserve.

After treatment, a large number of patients reported that they observed noticeable improvement on their skin immediately after a single session of HydraFacial. However, they continue follow-up sessions for a better result with long-lasting effects.

However, If a patient does not take follow-up treatment, the skin condition may get reversed in dull and uneven complexion.

Clear pores

In HydraFacial, cosmetic experts use acid peel solutions that dislodge and partially dissolve dirt, pollution and comedones. Excess sebum, dead skin cells, dirt trapped inside the pores. Beauty experts use vacuum suction to withdraw impurities, comedogen from the pores. Acid peeling is a deep cleaning procedure that unclogs the pore. HydraFacial treatment is super-effective at clearing clogged pores, and the consequence is clear glass glow visibly brighter skin after a single session. However, post HydraFacial follow-up sessions and skin care treatment are must to get long-lasting effect.

HydraFacial is a very good treatment for oily skin people. Oily skin people produce more sebum in summer and mix with comedogen to clog pores. Clog pores are responsible for acne, blackheads and other skin problems.

Even out scar

Scars are the consequence of build-up collagen that develops during the wound healing process. At the healing process, the body used to produce excess collagen for quick recovery, and in this situation, the collagen accumulates unevenly and produce visible scars. Scar tissue appears slightly depressed or raised on the surrounded normal skin. Scar tissue carries less melanin than damaged skin and develops lighter in colour.

Resurfacing effect on HydraFacial treatment removes the scar and smooth the complete skin. This treatment softening the collagen tissues of the scars and decrease their appearance. HydraFacial also stimulates collagen production, which also adds volume to depressed scar tissue, making the scar barely visible.

Treat hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition characterized by the development of abnormal areas of the skin that are dark compared to surrounded skin. Dark patches develop due to a number of factors like sun exposure, UV rays, Thyroid, sugar, and hormonal imbalance, and free-radical reactions of ageing. Hyperpigmentation appears in different shapes and sizes with irregular patches,

HydraFacial can effectively treat your hyperpigmentation by exfoliation, deep cleansing, and serum conditioning. The rejuvenating effect of serum fades out your skin's dark patches and provides a smooth, supple, younger look.

Reduce large pores

Though it is not possible to completely shrink the pores, but HydraFacial treatment can decrease their appearance. Dilated and enlarged pores advocate accumulating dead skin cells, pollution, sebum, and other impurities. Normal pores look smaller with no clog. HydraFacial alleviates the appearance of large pores through their deep cleansing suction procedure.

To reduce the dilated pore size, you need multiple sessions of HydraFacial. Continuous treatment helps the pores shrink. Apart from HydraFacial, it would be best if you had follow-up checks and routine treatment for long-lasting better results.

Treat different types of acne

HydraFacial treats different types of comedogenic acne. HydraFacial has a pore cleansing effect.

Clog pore is responsible for acne, blackheads, inflammatory bump on your skin. But HydraFacial deep cleanse your pores and resolve all acne problems gradually.

But you have to remember that HydraFacial cannot resolve hormonal acne as it concerns endocrinology, not cosmetology.

If you face significant pore-related problems, then take consultation from a renowned skin specialist in Dubai. She will guide you on the best to get smooth, even, and clear looking skin.

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