Can You Get Rid of Eczema Scars Fast?

Eczema is a particular word that refers to a collection of disorders that produce inflamed or irritated skin. Eczema can produce transitory changes in pigmentation, which some individuals mistake for scars.

It has been observed that in the United States, around 31.6 million people suffer from eczema. Itchy, dry skin with swelling, weeping, and crusty areas are common symptoms, but they differ from person to person.

Causes of Eczema

Though the specific etiology of eczema is uncertain, it is believed to be caused by the immune system's response to an irritant. Eczema is more common in families with a history of allergies or asthma.

Defects in the skin barrier may enable moisture to escape and bacteria to enter our bodies. We can manage the condition with medical therapy and the prevention of irritants.

Prevention of Pigmentation Changes

During an eczema flare-up, people can reduce the intensity of pigmentation changes by not scratching the skin. Scratching can aggravate dyspigmentation, which occurs as part of the flare-up.

Managing eczema and preventing flare-ups is the best method to avoid changes in pigmentation.

People may be able to do this by:

• Have short baths or showers in lukewarm, but never hot, water.

• Applying fragrance-free or hypoallergenic skincare and bathing products

• Use any new skin products on a small skin area before applying them more extensively.

• Applying moisturizer to the skin regularly and frequently.

• Shunning extreme temperatures

• Putting on loose-fitting clothing

• Choosing hypoallergenic, or fragrance- and dye-free, detergent to wash clothes.

• Washing new clothes before wearing them

• Getting clothes made from cotton and other natural breathable fabrics and avoiding wearing wool next to the skin.


There isn't a magic wand that can remove eczema scars, and you have them for life once you have them. However, there are certain things you may take to lessen their impact:

Conceal them: Covering your scars with makeup is one way to blend them with your natural skin tone. It is a temporary solution, and getting the color precisely perfect may take some experience.

Make it darker: Topical lotions and creams can temporarily alter skin color. Dihydroxyacetone is used in sunless tanning lotions (DHA). When this chemical interacts with the skin's surface, it promotes melanin formation and causes your skin to darken temporarily.

Lighten it up: Scars can be partially removed with bleaching creams. These products contain hydroquinone, mercury, and glucocorticoids, all of which suppress melanin synthesis in your skin.

Flatten it with silicone sheets: Apply silicone gel sheets to the affected area before your wound is sealed. For at least two months, wear them for more than 12 hours every day.

Using scar cream: Scar creams, both over-the-counter and prescription, can help hide scars by eliminating dead skin cells and keeping your skin moisturized.

Improve your scar: Getting a tattoo over the damaged region might permanently alter the appearance of your scar. You will, however, need to take further measures. Avoid getting a tattoo if you're having a flare-up, and make sure your skin is well-hydrated before you go. Before getting a tattoo, check with your dermatologist to see whether it's the right option for you.

Try laser therapy: Sometimes, when your scars are hyper- or hypo-pigmented, laser treatment can help change the color of your tattoo. These treatments, however, can be uncomfortable and must be repeated several times.

Consult a surgeon: Scar tissue scars can sometimes be surgically removed. You can have a scar, but it will be significantly smaller since the skin is put back together.

Natural Ways Also Help

Here Are Some Eczema Cure Home Remedies

• Apply Vegetable Shortening The most effective technique to treat dry, cracked skin is to use a thick, fatty culinary staple.

• Make Turmeric a Part of Your Diet. Such a spice can assist with various skin issues by lowering inflammation. It has curcumin, an antioxidant that protects the skin and speeds wound healing.

• Using Olive Oil. Olive oil is a naturally occurring oil high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are recognized to be anti-inflammatory.

• Apply Tea Tree Oil. Due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and nourishing characteristics, tea tree oil is a good treatment for a range of skin disorders.

• Apply Aloe Vera Gel to Irritated Skin. Pure Aloe Vera gel provides a great cooling effect to itchy skin.

• Placing a slice of lemon on your scars twice a day will lighten up the damaged area. Vitamin C helps create new skin cells. Just leave the juice on for a few minutes before rinsing off.

• Enriched with vitamins E and A, shea butter is perfect for the skin.


When coping with this chronic ailment, long-term skin damage from eczemas, such as scarring or pigmentation changes, can add another layer of stress. There are, however, several methods for preventing scarring and improving the look of existing scars. Consult a skin specialist about various solutions to help you live a better life.


  1. How long does it take for eczema marks to fade?

It usually begins three weeks after your skin has been wounded, although it might linger for a year or more. Scar tissue continues to grow and "remodel" itself during this period.

2. Why is my eczema turning black?

Inflammation stimulates the melanocytes – the skin cells that give skin its color – to boost melanin production, resulting in darker areas of skin in eczema (hyper-pigmentation) (the process of making skin pigment).

3. Is Vaseline an effective eczema treatment?

Petroleum jelly is widely tolerated and effective on delicate skin, making it an excellent eczema therapy. Unlike some other treatments that could hurt and create discomfort, it contains moisturizing and relaxing characteristics that help relieve inflammation, redness, and discomfort.

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