Car Wash In Mumbai | Car Cleaning in Mumbai

If there is dust in your car and you have to wash it, then there is a Car wash Services in Mumbai and you find the best Car wash in Mumbai, then this article for you.

car wash in Mumbai

1. Wow My Car: Car Wash In Mumbai

Wow, My Car is one of the best doorstep car cleaning services in Mumbai. We understand the importance of your time and how frustrating and stressful a car wash at the service stations can be. But now, you can just relax because we are here to provide doorstep car wash in Mumbai. At Wow My Car we provide Car Wash Service in Mumbai right at your Doorstep. Our mission is to save maximum water for which we use the High-Pressure Steam Technique to wash cars. We are also making an attempt to change the way India washes the car. Our Steam Machine uses a minimal amount of water to wash a complete car. It is not only the Best Car Wash and Car Polish in Mumbai but also a Hygienic and Eco-Friendly Service at a very reasonable price. We are truly focused on providing Superior Quality Service and deriving a 100% Customer Satisfaction Level. We always make sure to match the shine of your face with the shine on your car. We also aim to provide the best car interior cleaning in Mumbai as inner beauty is as important as outer beauty.

Address: Powai, Mumbai
Contact: 7862050607
Email ID: [email protected]

2. Cleanse Car

cleanser is the simplest and most reliable car care solution to keep your car clean at your doorstep every day. the cleanser is an end to end car cleansing solution which ensures the wash experience for your car as a memorable one with no compromise in quality at the lowest price. We offer daily car wash services, on-demand services related to car care.
Cleanse Car promises a guaranteed and reliable daily car wash. For the first time in the history of car wash cleanse car provides Rs. 10,000 scratch and scar insurance in the daily car wash industry. We are fully operational in Bangalore and Chennai. We are expected to start our services in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon in 2019.

Contact: 73380 73380
Email ID: [email protected]

3. Rapid Car Spa

With a mission to provide excelling car wash service and conserve tonnes of water being wasted every day for car cleaning, we introduced Rapid Car Spa. A one-stop solution to get clean, hassle-free, professional and managed car cleaning service that focuses on providing the best car care by saving the environment and conserving water. We have a sophisticated platform where all the action happens – right from making an inquiry, booking a service, to getting real-time updates about your job. You’ll have it all! In addition to these, we also source the best professionals in town, train them to use our eco-friendly cleaning solutions and make sure the job is done well. We have a network of car care points all over the town where we store, manage and handle our administration and logistics.

Address: Andree Road, Near Bhimanna Garden, Shanthi Nagar Bangalore - 560027
Contact: 9036 665 665
Email ID: [email protected]

4. D2D Car Wash

Get Your car the shine you always wanted. D2D doesn’t just clean the dirt but also pampers your car. Try it to believe it. With trained professionals and high tech mechanisms, we don’t only claim to be eco-friendly, but also offer the best car washing solutions at affordable prices. The beauty is - We don’t only clean it; We sanitize it and give your car a fresh feel and a germ-free interior. A perfect complete cleaning package. Because it's not only about water and wetness, the entire essence is felt after the cleansing and drying because The freshness can be felt. Get the toughest of the stains out from your car upholstery. No part of the car remains untouched by us if you opt for this package. Left to Right; Top to Bottom, Clean everything. Our services just don’t end here, there are bits and pieces where our professionals will surprise you with. After-all client satisfaction is of top-most priority.

Address: Andree Road, Near Bhimanna Garden, Shanthi Nagar Bangalore - 560027
Contact: 9769777517
Email ID: [email protected]

5. Express Car Wash

Express Car Wash is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept, a first-of-its-kind, which serves the purpose of the fast-paced society we live in, where people want their cars cleaned in the shortest possible time by a professional with the help of high powered machines because express Car Wash promises to make the car clean and happy in just 20 minutes. Express Car Wash is a brand that is going to change the way people think about car cleaning and it's all about a wonderful car cleaning experience while enhancing your driving experience. It's a unique cleaning process where cars are cleaned in just 20 minutes by the latest equipment including high-pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, and steam cleaners, etc.

Address: Corporate Office: E-98, Sector- 6,  Noida – 201301, U.P, India
Contact: 80-100-44000
Email ID: [email protected]

The novel CORONAVIRUS is a pandemic and WHO has declared it as an emergency. Since there is still no cure for this virus it makes it very important that we take precautions at a personal level.

Basic sanitization and cleaning methods can go a long way in improving immunity and saving ourselves from viruses and infections. Sanitizing your hands at regular intervals with an alcohol-based sanitizer, not touching public places or disinfecting it before use are some methods to stay safe. It is also equally crucial that you follow proper disinfection methods at home to not welcome illness.

You can now connect with Exicare who provides cleaning & sanitization services in Mumbai that will help you lower the risk of corona virus.

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