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Choosing The Best Inverter Battery For Your Home

Choosing The Best Inverter Battery For Your Home

We're a spoilt generation that cannot imagine life without electricity. We need it to cook our food in microwaves and ovens, need it to run the television for entertainment, must have it in summers to keep cool with the acs and of course, we need electricity to charge our mobile phones. When there's a powercut or a blackout, irritation levels soar and within minutes, everyone's complaining. The only way to get past this is by having your own power backup. For this you need an inverter and the best inverter battery. The battery is where power to stored so this is as important as the inverter itself. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right battery.

Shop From A Reliable Brand

First and foremost, always prioritize quality over price. When you go to the market you'll find branded and locally manufactured batteries. The latter are definitely cheaper. But they're probably lying made with inferior quality materials so they won't last as long. Worse, they could have a short circuit and damage your appliances that are being powered by it. Unbranded batteries have no warranty or guarantee and there's no after sales service. On the other hand, when you buy an inverter battery from a reputed brand, you're assured a high quality product and dependable service. When faced with a technical issue, you can get a technician at your doorstep who will fix the problem. Thus it’s always better to pay that little bit extra and buy an inverter from a brand you trust. The best way to find a reliable inverter brand is to ask the people around you for recommendations.

Invest In A Battery With The Right Capacity

Batteries have varying capacities. This plays an important role in determining the inverter battery back-up time. If you use an inverter with a very low capacity and have long power cuts, you may still find yourself lighting candles. On the other hand, if you buy an inverter battery with a very high capacity, you may not be able to make optimum use of the battery. It's important to note that inverter battery price increases in proportion to its capacity.

Here's how you can calculate the ideal capacity required by your battery.

Start by adding up the wattage of all the lights, fans and appliances you would like to run on the inverter. While a tube light takes 40 watts, a fan takes 75.

Next, multiply the battery capacity in Ah with the input voltage and divide the product by the total wattage required. This will give you an idea of how long the battery will give you back-up for. If this isn't enough, repeat the calculations with the next battery size available until you arrive at a battery capacity that matches your requirements. Always remember, the capacity should be slightly on the plus side of your power needs.

Get The Right Battery Type

When it comes to the technology that drives inverter batteries, there are 2 key types to consider - flat plate batteries and tubular batteries. It's all about a difference in how the batteries are structured. The latter is the more technologically advanced choice but also the more expensive choice. The benefits though are many. Tubular batteries charge faster than flat plate batteries. They have a longer lifespan and have lower maintenance requirements. They do not emit any harmful gasses and can be safely used inside your home. Flat plate batteries may also be unsuitable for delicate high end appliances. This makes tubular batteries the best inverter battery for you. Gower, if you're looking for a temporary solution and you have a low budget, it makes more sense to buy a branded flat plate battery as compared to a local tubular battery.

Just as every home is different, every home had different power requirements and thus needs a different inverter and battery. Even if you live in an apartment complex with a central power backup generator,  it makes sense to have your own independent set up as well. You can easily get a good inverter and battery within your budget. This way you know that even if the central back up goes down, you still have uninterrupted power at home. So  shall we start looking for the best inverter battery for your home...

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