Christmas decorating with beautiful wall mirrors

We love Christmas decorating! It is our favorite season. Instead of posting a blog about Christmas decorating tips, we decided to take inspiration from the homes of our customers. We have had the pleasure of seeing our modern mirrors in Christmas decorations.

1. Mirror modern Sunburst

Our grey home on Instagram sent us the first photo. It featured our silver sunburst reflection. Grey is still a popular choice for modern interiors, fitting perfectly with the current color trend. The mirror shines perfectly against the chic grey walls, thanks to the sunburst mirror.

Sunburst modern mirror are often seen above fireplaces. Seeing the mirror behind the sofa creates an amazing visual effect.

2. Gothic Chic

This striking photo was sent to us by Pati Robins via Instagram. It features our large black convex mirror. The black-on-black color scheme gives the room a luxurious feel.

While the bison skull head is a subtle nod to contemporary styling, the garland perfectly reflects a traditional feel. The large star, which is perfectly placed in front of the mirror, adds a festive touch to the design.

3. Stylish Mood Lighting

Cat Jane Davies's Instagram shot features the extra-large piano reflection. This stunning open-plan kitchen/dining area demonstrates how lighting can instantly change the feel and look of your space.

The chic mood lighting creates a modern, glamorous feel that complements the multi-facet mirror design. The addition of the chandelier, which is perfectly placed so that light can reflect off the mirror, is a great idea.

4. Leaner Mirrors

This photo is an excellent example of how leaner mirrored can be used in any setting. Because of their long-lasting design, leaner mirrors were traditionally used in bedrooms. However, we love seeing them used throughout the house to create a style statement. The mirror is placed next to the Christmas tree, creating a focal point for this modern room.

The festive look is enhanced by the ornamental bunting and the elegant frame. The amazing shot was captured by Home by the Coast on Instagram.

5. Mid Century Modern

This is one of our favorite trends of 2017, so we were thrilled to see this amazing Lexden Home shot on Instagram. The mirror made of round gold Higgings hangs proudly over the fireplace, with the dark backdrop creating the perfect background.

The leather armchair adds a vintage touch to this decor. The traditional festive color scheme is a favorite of ours, with red and yellow coming from the bunting and green coming from the festive leaves.

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