CLAT Maths Preparation Tips 2022

Mathematics is the highest scoring section in CLAT exam as it consists of elementary maths. However, most of you may dislike this section and find it difficult while solving maths questions.

  • It is easy to score marks in this section if you have the ability to solve problems using short tricks. Still wondering how to prepare for maths?
  • Well, our experts at LegalAge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for law entrance exam) have curated the best CLAT Maths preparation tips in this post.
  • Then what are you waiting for! Try to follow all these tips and do well in the upcoming exam.

How to prepare for CLAT Maths 2022 as per the new pattern?

As we all know that the consortium came up with a new pattern for CLAT last year. Arvind Bhargava, HOD, Legal Age, has stated that the comprehensive paper pattern is quite confusing for the first time attendees.

  • The questions are designed to test you on elementary math, i.e. basic math, which you have learned till class 10th.
  • So, you can easily score marks in this section. However, you need regular practice!
  • Try solving questions from previous year question papers for CLAT and identify the type of questions asked from Mathematics subject.
  • You can take CLAT mock test for CLAT questions practices.

Which books should I include while preparing for CLAT Maths?

Arvind said that choosing the right books for maths preparation is definitely a daunting task as there are many resources available both offline and online.

You can refer to the following books for CLAT to prepare for Mathematics subject.

Quantitative Aptitude by Pearson

  • First Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant
  • 30 Days of Wonder for Mathematics by S.Chand
  • Legal Aptitude (CLAT) by Samiksha Gupta and RK Gupta

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What will be my initial step after collecting books?

The study plan should cover all the subjects as per the latest syllabus.
Allocate at least 2 hours out of your daily time to prepare for CLAT Maths subject.
Jot down important formulas and revise them regularly.
Maintain a notebook to jot down the formulas as it will be useful during your revision time.

What is the preparation strategy for CLAT Mathematics?

  • First, make sure your fundamentals are clear.
  • Identify relevant topics and have a clear understanding of each concept.
    Practice shortcut tricks to save your time in the exam.
  • Regularly memorize tables up to 20 and squares up to 30.
  • Do not miss any topic because all the topics are important.
  • Take at least one quantitative quiz daily for CLAT as it will help in improving your problem solving skills.
  • Solve as many questions as possible from previous year papers.
    After solving the paper, cross-check all your answers and try to improve on the weak areas.
  • Instead of worrying about time, focus on solving questions accurately during your preparation.

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