Common Mistakes Behind Rejection of Canada Student Visa

Canada is a preferred study destination for students who want to continue their further studies overseas. Canada is known for its excellent education, professional trainers and better career opportunities. With increasing population and less employment platforms, most of the students seek to go abroad for a secure time ahead. With increasing popularity in students to move to Canada, now the rules for visa process are quite rigorous. Therefore, visa rejection cases are increasing rapidly. In this article we will list some major mistakes behind the rejection of Canada student visa.
To get a degree or certificate from a Canadian university or college acts as a mark of intelligence. This degree acts as a boon and opens doors for career opportunities. Some students make a lot of efforts to achieve their aim but they don't get student visa approval. A major rise in student visa application results in the surplus of visa rejections. Do you know what is the reason behind this? There is not a single reason. Canada student visa rejection is based on different factors. To get sure shot success in visa approval it is suggested to get the right guidance from the best study visa consultants in Jalandhar. Let’s move to the main topic. If you also desire to apply for a student visa then it is directed to read the full article to avoid such mistakes that may lead to visa refusals.

Common mistakes behind the rejection of Canada student visa:

Financial insufficiency

To apply for a Canadian student visa, authorities require proof of adequate funds for the first year of your course. These proofs are essential to prove that you can support yourself while living in Canada. The funds include paying your tuition fees, your house rent, your transport expenditure and for other household things. If an authority finds out that you don’t have enough money to survive there, they will surely reject your visa. Do you want to get success in your student visa process? If yes, then without thinking further you can approach the reputed Canada visa consultants with a high success rate.

Choice of program

You should choose your course/program keeping in mind your educational background. In case, if an authority notices that your opted course and your educational profile or work experience does not match then the chances of visa rejection increase. When this happens then the candidates should submit a personal statement to address this problem. However, for the program that aligns with your background, a detailed history of education or work experience needs to be submitted along with the application. For any queries regarding the courses in Canada and to know about the top most universities and colleges, you can approach the best study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

English level proficiency

International language of Canada is English. Therefore you must be capable of speaking and understanding the English language to study and work in Canada. Otherwise there would be a language barrier and you will face a lot of issues while surviving there. Canadian universities and colleges accept students who pass IELTS, PTE or TOEFL with the minimum marks required or above the specified marks. The students who are not able to crack these exams with the specified minimum marks, the chances of their visa refusal arises. To acquire knowledge about any other proficiency and documents required for the student visa process, you can connect with the best Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Intent to return to your country

A Canada study visa is not a permanent visa, it has validity for a certain time period. During an interview, make sure that interviewer is convinced to think that you will come back to your country. Moreover, your SOP letter must be written in such a way that it convinces the authorities that you are only going to complete your studies and not to live there permanently. On completion of studies you will get back to your hometown and will not settle in Canada. Once they sense that you are going to settle in Canada, the chances of visa refusal increases.

Incomplete documents

Make sure to carry all the documents required for a study visa during the interview. In case you missed out on some prime documents, you will surely get refused. Try to carry your documents sequence wise and in an appropriate manner. So that the interviewer can go through it and could get any kind of information properly. Moreover, the explanation and other information in your documents must be correct and it must be written properly. Poor documentation and any kind of vague information provided may lead to visa refusal.

Biometric rejections

Students whose biometrics are not rightly scanned and they missed out uploading any kind of biometric requirement get rejections most of the time. Therefore, it is important to upload the right biometrics that are scanned in a proper way and that too on proper time to avoid rejection in your visa process.

Summing up:
To sum up, these are the main reasons behind visa refusals. If you are also aiming to get success in the student visa process then it is recommended to avoid these mistakes. Moreover, if you are applying for the first time then you should approach the best consultants with a high success rate to smooth your visa process.

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