Content Marketing Metrics to Measure Your Business Progress

Content is everything to run a business smoothly. It is a medium to communicate with your customers. No business can survive without their retention, and content plays an essential role in order to hook them to your business. You need content to emerge yourself as a brand.

Not only will you need it to promote your products and services, but you will also need it to solve the current problems of your users. Before you start investing money in content marketing, you will have to prepare a proper schedule.

The topics you will cover, the schedule for sharing posts, social media marketing strategy, what your users like and what they do not like. You will have to constantly monitor how your content marketing strategy is working to ensure the growth of your business.

People often think that they are done after they share pieces of content with their users. Your content sharing practice will lead to increased traffic, and in order to keep your customer base, you will have to feed your customers consistently. When you share content with them in order to make them come to you, it is called inbound marketing.

Content marketing metrics you should measure

If you are looking to make your content marketing strategy successful, you need to measure specific metrics. Getting results through content is not easy at all.

It takes time to implement resources. Your content marketing strategy is doing well if you are getting a high return compared to investments. Here are the content marketing metrics that you should look at in order to evaluate your success.

· Traffic sources

Of course, it is good news that people are consuming your content, and the traffic to your website is increasing. However, at the same time, you must know from where the traffic is coming. It is crucial to know the source as it can help you create more of that type of engaging content influencing your users.

In this way, you will be able to create engagement with your current customers and those who are on the brink of being your potential customers. You will need Google Analytics to find out the traffic source. This platform can give you each tiny detail about the traffic coming to your website.

· Impressions

Impressions are another metric that can let you know whether your content marketing strategy is working aptly or not. There is a difference between reach and impressions, and impressions will always be greater than reach.

The former shows the number of times your content was displayed regardless of whether or not it was clicked. However, the latter shows the number of people who read your content. You must know impressions because the more impressions, the more traffic.

If Google recognises your content, the number of impressions will automatically rise. This is why it is essential that you generate content that does not just engage your users but also your search engines.

Never forget that if search engines do not cache your content, it will not be displayed to your potential prospects. It is they who make you introduce your business to your users.

· Click-through rate

Having a higher number of views and impressions is essential, but you cannot deduce that your content marketing strategy actually worked unless you determine the click-through rate. It is crucial to know it in order to understand whether the content is effective or not.

It is possible that a large number of people are consuming your content, but you must know whether your content is driving them to take action. Of course, your ultimate purpose is to convert your traffic into customers.

Most of the times, people just click the ad, but they do not bother to visit your website or buy your product. The click-through rate must be high in order to get the return from your content marketing strategy. It can give you an insight into whether they are visiting your website, buying your product, or want to know more about your products.

· Bounce rate

You cannot ignore checking the bounce rate. When people land your website, you need to ensure that they spend some time over there to know and learn about your product. The bounce rate indicates the number of users who have left your website as soon as they landed.

The higher the bounce rate, the poorer your content marketing strategy. It clearly indicates that your content does not have the potential to engage your users. You should figure out what is precisely dissuading your users.

Sometimes it is not the content’s fault, but other factors like slow page loading, poor website design, and unnecessary pop-ups chase away your users. It is always suggested that you should generate quality content and consider other factors as well.

The bottom line

You should consider these content marketing metrics to analyse whether you are doing well or not. If you do not have knowledge about it, you should hire an expert. Make sure that they are able to prepare a content marketing strategy that works for you.

It will require you to pay some money. In case you do not have enough money to hire an expert for it, you can take out bad credit loans from direct lenders. These loans can help you fund your needs. However, make sure that you can easily manage to pay it off.

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