Tips To Crack The Logical Reasoning Test Questions

Logical Reasoning is a crucial section in every competitive exam or entrance test nowadays. Solving the logical reasoning questions can be tricky. These questions are usually worded in a very tricky manner, and some of the tough ones are often coupled with the easy ones to confuse you. Solving these questions need practice and a focused mind. Are you having trouble solving these kinds of problems in your paper?

Here are some tips that can help you to solve logical reasoning questions quickly:

  • Read the question carefully and read it twice

A lot of students make the mistake of not reading the questions very clearly. When you don’t read the questions carefully, you miss critical words like ‘all’, ‘none’, ‘if’, ‘only if’, or any other relational nouns which form the core of your conclusive answers. Hence, it is essential to read the questions very carefully. If you do not understand it fully in one go, you should read it twice or thrice. However, be careful not to waste too much time doing this.

  • Try to visualize the problem

Whenever attempting to solve logical reasoning questions, it is always easier to visualize the information explained in the question. This can be done by drawing tables, Venn diagrams, graphs or pie charts. It is always easier to draw out relations or conclusions when the information is presented in a visual form.

  • Use the Elimination Method

While solving the problems, observe all the options given to you and eliminate the ones that appear like impossible answers. One by one, go on eliminating all the wrong answers, and you will be left with one correct answer. If not this, then you will at least have two fewer options to select your answers from. This is the method of elimination that is used often while solving MCQ problems. This method also needs practice and reasoning before you use it on your final exam.

  • Draw Valid conclusions and not assumptions

While solving logical reasoning questions, always make sure that your answers are based on valid reasons and not just your assumptions. If you solve problems this way, your answers will potentially have lower chances to go wrong. If your exam has a negative marking scheme, this method will save your scores significantly.

  • Practice with Mock Tests

Like every other subject, logical reasoning needs a lot of practice too. The more questions you solve, the faster you will be able to solve them. Hence, it is crucial that you practice logical reasoning questions with mock tests while preparing for your exams, whether it is online or offline.

A lot of students now prefer online GK mock tests due to their convenience and ease of availability. Another added benefit of online mock tests is that you can immediately access and evaluate your test scores.

GK Exams is one such website that allows students to prepare for competitive and entrance exams with the help of mock tests, with reasoning questions in Hindi & English, as well as GK quizzes, current affairs and facts that are updated on a daily basis.

  • Time Management

Managing time is another critical aspect of improving your test scores. Managing time on your test means that you solve the quicker questions first and leave the rest for later but still manage to solve the maximum possible questions on your test. If you can solve all the problems on your test but fail to manage your time, you still fail on it. Hence, time management is crucial.

  • Practice by solving puzzles

Another way to sharpen your logical reasoning skills is to solve short puzzles like sudoku, loop, crosswords, and other similar puzzles. Solving such puzzles on a regular basis improves your IQ and reasoning skills. They also sharpen your problem-solving skills significantly. Solving puzzles on a daily basis has been scientifically proven to improve the IQ Scores of students of all ages.

  • Put Yourself Under Timer while practicing

Whenever you practice problem-solving for logical reasoning questions, make sure to put up a time constraint yourself. You might fail to do it in your first few attempts, but you will eventually get through it. This practicing will help you solve questions faster and will prove to be a handy skill during the final exam day.

  • Cut down distractions

When solving GK mock tests or practice papers, always make sure that you solve them with complete focus and cut down on all the distractions within your surroundings. If you are sitting with exclusive focus and dedication with minimum distractions, you are more likely to take less time in solving the questions.

  • Engage in Contests

If any puzzle-solving contests or activities are happening around you, you should try and take out time to participate in them. Participating in such games will help you to improve your IQ and train your mind in a fun way while also allowing you to build a competitive edge and competitive spirit. You might even end up winning a lot of prizes and rewards while doing so, as an added benefit.

Some people overlook the logical reasoning portion while preparing for competitive exams. This is a mistake, as logical reasoning questions aren’t as easy as you might think. Sometimes these questions are very tricky and hard to understand. The answers can be difficult to deduce. But once you practice and get the hang of it, it becomes way more manageable. Zero practice on these questions can make you take a lot of time in solving them during your final exam.

Following these tips while preparing for your competitive exams can significantly improve your scores when it comes to the logical reasoning section. Again, you have to play smart while choosing which ones work the best for you, as it is evident that what works for your friends might or might not work for you. It should also be kept in mind that there are no immediate results to this. Improvising takes time, hard work and most of all, patience. Being a student, these are the footnotes you should always remember.

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