Crypto Network: All about Benefits of Bfic Network

BFICoin is a 3rd generation blockchain-based decentralized coin. Innovation factory, a smart and innovative financial solutions providing firm launched this coin. BFIC’s ecosystem is huge and composed of 20 megaprojects

The ecosystem is comprised of a variety of utility-based projects for BFICoins. This considerably boosts the BFIC's value and utility, making it a valuable currency. The BFIC Network is a segment of a larger ecosystem.

It enables real-time Crypto mining through staking. The network functions as a system in which a large number of users work together to earn legitimate Crypto money in a mutually beneficial manner.

The BFIC network operates on its very own third-generation BFIC blockchain. With a transaction rate of more than 100,000 transactions per second. It is the world's fastest and most rewarding mobile mining network.

Stake Mining

Bfic Network allows users to mine BFICoin by staking, which makes it the world's first blockchain-based stake mining platform for any smartphone user.

The user interface on the BFIC network is the greatest the world has ever seen; even if you have no technical understanding, you'll be able to get the job done. All you have to do is open the app and press the start mining button every 24 hours, and you'll be rewarded with 0.5 percent of the coins you staked. The rate of growth of the BFIC compound is determined by market conditions and your input.

If you invest 1 BFIC



+200 days


+200 days


+200 days


+200 days


+200 days


+200 days


+200 days

128 BFIC

+200 days

256 BFIC

+200 days

512 BFIC

Through stake mining, in just 5 years, you will have 512 BFICoins, just by investing 1 BFICoin. “One BFIC can change your life”.


The BFIC network software generates a variety of rewards based on variables including team strength mining, capital deposits, and direct payouts. The following are the potential rewards:

Reward yourself every day

You can receive 0.5 percent of the amount of BFICoin you bet every day as a daily prize. The computation is based on the premise that each user has their own BFIC and that each deposit is logged for 150 days. Top-ups are not eligible for direct incentives. The account can be topped up at any time, however, each withdrawal will be subject to a 5% fee. 1 BFICoin is the minimum withdrawal amount set by the platform.

Rewards for the entire team

The following ratios are used to compute team incentives. Invite your friends to join the BFIC stakers and earn incentives and team awards based on their level of participation in the 12 level team structure. The reward % will be determined by each level's mining reward amount.

12 income levels with their reward percentage are

Level 1

15% of Mining Rewards

Level 2

10% of Mining Rewards

Level 3

5% of Mining Rewards

Level 4

3% of Mining Rewards

Level 5

2% of Mining Rewards

Level 6

1% of Mining Rewards

Level 7

1% of Mining Rewards

Level 8

1% of Mining Rewards

Level 9

1% of Mining Rewards

Level 10

1% of Mining Rewards

Level 11

2% of Mining Rewards

Level 12

3% of Mining Rewards

Bonuses for Referrals

You can get a direct reward of 10% of your signup amount. When you sign up via a referral link, you'll get a BFICoin referral bonus. Use the appropriate credentials, a referral link, or simply signup to get started. Regularly logging in results in more frequent awards and a higher BFIC yield.

How to Begin

The BFIC Network app includes a simple and easy-to-use UI. After creating an account, anyone can start mining BFIC. Despite the fact that the user lacked technical knowledge. The following are the simple steps that users can take to begin using the app:

  1. Sign up on XchangeOn and create your profile
  2. Buy BFICoin
  3. Download the Bfic Network App from the play store or from the network’s website
  4. Signup on the BFIC network and start staking
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