Difference between Residential and Commercial Painting

There is probably nothing more important for a business owner than the location where their business takes place. The look of the building is a deciding factor for prospective customers if they want to form or continue their association with the company. To keep the buildings and commercial properties looking clean, fresh, and professional-looking, it is crucial to give them a fresh coat of painting from time to time. However, it doesn't mean that one can pick just any painter in the market to paint their commercial property. One might wonder - painting is painting, right? Not necessarily. Most people don't quite understand the difference between commercial and residential painting. Though the difference might seem minor, it is important to know the difference between residential and commercial painting. There are specific differences between the two, which this article will discuss.

Commercial Painting

As the name suggests, commercial painting is painting commercial properties and business establishments. Commercial painting companies are usually larger scape projects involving businesses like schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, churches, religious establishments, etc. These projects also involve more employees and make more people available for work based on the size of the project and necessity. The range and types of commercial painting services are also different from residential projects and involve sandblasting, epoxy flooring, faux finishes, etc.

Residential Painting

It is a more sophisticated term used for house painting, including interior and exterior. These are not as complicated as commercial painting jobs. As these projects are comparatively easy, it doesn't involve many people, and the services are not as wide-ranging as commercial painting services.

It is always better to find a suitable residential or commercial painting company for painting a commercial property. For that, one needs to understand the distinctions between commercial and residential painting jobs.

Residential vs. Commercial Painting

Paintings of commercial and residential properties are two very different tasks that require different skills and tools. The increased square footage of commercial properties makes it a more complicated task, made even more difficult by the presence of employees, visitors, equipment, and goods at the location. Before hiring a professional commercial painter for the project, it is important to know the type of painting expertise they offer as it influences the decision-making process.

1. Size of the project

The scope of a painting project indicates the type of painting requirements. Residential projects include houses, condos, etc. there are still projects on a small scale. Commercial properties focus on large-scale projects. This type of building ranges from retail stores and malls to hospitals and industrial establishments, including airports.

2. Number of Painters

Timing is much more important in commercial projects than in residential projects. As the project's scope is large, it requires a large number of people working on it. Commercial properties employ a larger workforce than residential properties to finish the project on time. Since residential projects are smaller, they do not require a large man force and are easier to complete within the stipulated time.

3. Materials and Equipment

Probably the largest difference between residential and commercial painting projects is the types of equipment and tools used. Since residential painters mostly focus on small-scale projects, they do not use materials and tools that are typically used for commercial projects. Due to the size and nature of the project, commercial painters offer a different set of expertise. They are much better at dealing with different types of surfaces such as wood, marble, metal, and more. Commercial painters often use complex equipment like sandblasters, scaffolding, and aerial lifts to ensure that the project is carried out smoothly and perfectly.

4. Services Provided

A commercial painting company usually offers their clients a wide range of services compared to residential painters. Specialized techniques such as industrial painting and coating, special surface preparation, epoxy resin coatings, and more are businesses' different requirements from time to time. In addition to interior and exterior painting, some specialized services offered by commercial painters but not residential painters are brick waterproofing, high-rise buildings paintings, metal painting, and logo stenciling, just to name a few.

5. Experience

As mentioned above, residential properties and commercial properties have different needs. The risk associated with commercial properties, such as high-rise buildings projects, means the contractor needs to be well experienced, and lack of experience can result in costly mistakes. Commercial painting projects can never be DIY projects. Appearance is an important part of branding and marketing strategies for commercial properties.

Business owners cannot and should not take the risk of having a lousy job done, as the repercussions will be huge. No matter the kind of commercial property, it is always better to hire well-established and professional commercial painting companies for the job.

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